Yay! Winners of the contest!

Dear readers,

So the contest had ended a week ago. Now is the time for us to announce the winners! Originally, we thought of selecting 3 readers but then there were so many entries received that we feel guilty to ignore many of them. Mr H and I discussed about this thoroughly, and we came to a conclusion to increase the numbers of selected winners, from 3 to 5! However, rest assured that both of us were not involved in selecting the winners. We only receive the names from the judge. No complaint of nepotism and cronyism here!

Finally, the cover is ready! :)

As promised, the winners will get a chance to be among the first reading Candle in the wind. This is my second book after Submitting to Allah. On top of that, the winners will also have access to read another book which I had authored, Law of Contract Made Simple for Laymen.

These are the winners!!! Congratulations to the 5 of you!!! You will be contacted via email. 

1. Fazrina Edora
2. Faten Adlina
3. Venotini
4. Nur Fayizah
5. Laila

Thank you.

 Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! 

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