10 things I had never thought I would do, but I did!

People change. I changed. There will come a time in life that you feel you need to change. Even though you are not sure of the correct direction and where you are heading to. Nevertheless, Rasulullah s.a.w had mentioned about Hijrah, so to me, a change is a must.

I am a different person than who I was 10 years ago. For starter, I am an introvert who dislike meeting new people. However, as survival is the key to success in the path that I had chosen now, I have to learn how to mingle around and be friendly and nice to everyone. Trust me. This needs lots and lots of energy, hahaha.

As I was lying down on my bed last night, waiting to fall asleep, I suddenly began to think about the things that I had done for these past few years. Things that I had never thought I would do, in a million years! And yet, I had accomplished in these few years. 

I want to make a point in this blog, how thankful I am that Allah had destined me to marry Mr H. He truly, really brings out the best in me. He is always in front to guide me whenever I am lost. I do not think that I can be where I am today, achieving so many pointers in life, without him by my side. He told me to be brave, even in darkness. He told me to be strong, even when I am weak. And he told me to persevere, when I thought that I had lost all hope. Thank you, Mr H.

So let's recap, shall we? What I had done so far in life.

1. Resigning from a stable job.

Approximately a year ago, I resigned. From a stable job with a stable income. I was attached as a permanent university lecturer, and I thought I will be retiring as one too. 

The last day to punch out. 

I am so used to receiving a fixed salary that for the first few months I will automatically check the balance of my bank account, hahaha. I do have my reasons for doing so. I had written about it before. You can read these posts. 

2. Embark on a PhD journey.

I was not a smart student, and not even close to being studious, even until now, hahaha. Yes, my dear students, if you are reading this. I admit, I hate studying. It is so boring to be in front of the study table. But I do love learning new things. I love presenting my thoughts in academic seminar and conferences, and also love writing academic papers. It was an escapism for me. To think that someone actually would read my academic thought, hahaha. Notice the sentences was written in the past tense? "Was an escapism"? Because I am too busy nowadays that I had been neglecting that part of my life. No worries! Another presentation at an academic conference soon in September. Gotta put on the PhD mode on!

I was already enrolled for my PhD at a reputable university before I resigned, and this was one of the reason why I chose to quit my job. I, myself was surprised when I wrote my name on the registration form. Me? PhD studies? No, it can't be! Hahaha. I know my parents would be happy to know that I had done this. Since I was not "that smart" like my other siblings, even registering for PhD studies, and not yet completing it, feels like a triumph to me, hahaha!

My classmates in the Research Method class.

3. Taking the ICSA course.

I hate Company Law! Ok, let me rephrase that. I used to hate Company Law. In my many years of teaching, I managed to avoid teaching this subject. Please no! Do not terrorize me to be near the Companies Act! And then, when I was transferred to a different campus, I was assigned to teach Company Law. It was only to the Diploma students so the syllabus was not that heavy. But it was enough to put me in a bad mood because on the night before the class, I would be studying the subject, with all the notes, statutes and cases, here, there and everywhere! And I trembled dreadfully, on my way to class the next day.

When I was in Seremban, I decided not to let Company Law have that fear over me. Enough is enough! I have to grow up and take charge of this subject called Company Law. So I purposely assigned myself (I was the Coordinator of Law back then) to teach Corporate Law. I had to burn the midnight oil again, but it was all worth it. I can proudly say that I had conquered my fear! To top that up, I even register for ICSA course so that I have no choice but to fall in love with Company Law. Can you imagine someone who had no idea of what a preference share is, now studying to be a Company Secretary? Catastrophe, I have to say, hahaha.

You can read about my experience on this here.

4. Complete my chambering.

If you read the free sample of my second book, Candle in the wind, you would notice that I did not plan to be a lecturer, at all. I was actually aiming to become a lawyer and was hoping to climb the corporate ladder. But Allah has a different story for me. However, I had always dream of completing my chambering and be called to the Bar as an Advocate & Solicitor. And I finally did it! 

After more than 10 years, I have to wear black and white attire again.

It was a difficult experience because I was doing it at a later stage of my life. Not to mention that I was completing my chambering together with my former students. Arrrghhhhh!!!! So my advise, no matter what you have in mind for your future, if you have completed your LL.B (Hons), please finish your chambering first. Then you can start laying out plans for your future.

5. Be an author.

My first book, Submitting to Allah. The Malay version, Berserah Kepada Allah.

I am currently the author of Submitting to Allah, Candle in the wind, Law of Contract Made Simple for Laymen and also 10% of From B to A. I had never ever thought that I could write. Let alone be an author of a book. And when people buy and read the book, they love it! Praise to Allah! To see the book that you have authored, with your name display on it, sitting there in the bookshops, this experience is priceless. Never had I imagined that I could write poems too. Many more poems and books are on their way, Insya Allah. I just love sharing my thoughts with my readers and am thankful for their endless support. You can read the posts about my books here.

It was a memorable experience for Mr H and me. Because we had decided to self-publish the books. You can read about it here, who knows maybe you will be motivated to self-publish your own book later.

6. Invited as a motivational speaker.

Ok, this one, was a surprise to me. When I was approached by the organizer, I was pretty sure she had meant to send the message to Dr Zakir Naik, and not me, hahaha. I thought I had received the invitation by mistake. However, I am really glad that it turned out to be a success with all the other beautiful and talented panels. Again, to think that somebody actually came and sit in the hall, just to listen to me babbling, that kind of memory is also priceless.

The poster. I was invited on the capacity as an author.

Not bad, eh. Hahaha.

 Read this post - Hijabify 2.0

7. Became an entrepreneur.

Perhaps, watching almost all my former students venturing into business had in a way, inspired me to be an entrepreneur too. I had zero experience. I am so used to being a government servant with a steady pay check every month. 

I do not know anything about marketing or book-keeping. And I have to learn all these, from the start. But I really love this new challenge in my life. I write about this new challenge in my life here. 

Everyday I have to be on my feet, and think of a way to promote my business. My brain is working all the time and this entrepreneur thing has taught me to be alert and receptive to my surroundings. For a new beginner like me, with zero experience in business, I would say that I have kicked them well!

These are my projects now. Let's but these products, hahaha.

Attending a course for new entrepreneurs.

8. Teaching non-Bumi and foreigner students.

After resigning, I still teach part time at few colleges and universities around Klang Valley. I really had to polish my teaching skills, because teaching the non-Bumi and foreigner students would mean that I have to converse in English all the time. In a way, I feel that this "hijrah" had forced me to learn new things and upgrade my skills. I enjoy this experience because it gives me a chance to improve my communication skills in English as well.

9. Teaching professional course.

I had experience in teaching adult students before. But I do not have any experience in teaching adult students who are taking professional course. Wow! This is really a challenge for me. All of them are already doing well, they have lots of experiences and they know more about the practical side of the subject as compared to me, hahaha. 

However, I treated them as my colleagues in class and welcome them to voice out their opinion and even correct me if they feel that what I taught in class is not right, especially on the practical side. So far, I think we had done a good job, even though I may not know as much as they do on the practical matters, they still respect me for the qualifications I have and I also told them in class, that we are all still learning. Teaching the adult students is very much different from teaching the school leavers, more difficult, I admit. And teaching adult students who are taking professional course? Phewww! Hahaha. But since I had said before that I want to come out from my cocoon and be a different person, I challenge myself to take this challenge. Bring it on!

10. Somebody actually paid me to cook!

I might have my own restaurant in the future. Hahaha, OMG how funny is that? Anyway, you can read about this experience here. 


I was paid to cook by someone. Can you believe that? Someone actually paid me money to cook for them. Praise to Allah. 

So you see, Allah rezeki comes in many forms. You just have to trust Him, and trusting Him is what I did from the start. From the moment I tendered my resignation letter. 


  1. Hi Madam,

    I used to be one of your students during Foundation time. It feels good and motivates me to strive hard in my life, just seeing you are doing good with your life!

    Madam always be my favourite lecturer then, and now my favourite blogger inshaAllah.

    Keep writing your journey here. 😄

    Alhamdulillah & congratulations for everything you achieved! 😃

    1. Hi, Thank you so much for reading this blog. And also getting the positive vibes out of it :) Alhamdulillah. I also hope that this writing will give you some idea on what to do next in life. Do not give up!