Introvert VS Public Speaking

I am an introvert. Yes, I know I am a lecturer and I give lectures everyday. However, I dislike meeting new people and be in a crowd with faces I do not recognize. Once, I had to attend a course and all of the participants had to do a personality test. My marks for introvert section is 9/10, hahaha. See, how reserved I am actually! I can give lectures, in front of the public, but I just do not know how to mingle around. It is OK as long as I do not have to strike conversations with them. I envy Mr H because you can put him in a room full of strangers and he will still be at ease.

Speaking in front of the public, no problem!

Mr H, on the other hand, hates public speaking, which I find is an easy task. After all, we are both lecturers. Mr H can start a conversation with anyone, anywhere and anytime. But if you put him in front of the podium to speak, he will be uncomfortable. That means he can mingle with the crowd but do not want to be in front of the crowd. As oppose to my personality.

Let me be at the back, hehehe.

So, if we are at the supermarket and there are things that I want to clarify with the salesgirl, I will always push Mr H to ask, hahaha. 

To conclude, I just want to tell you, that it is possible for a lecturer, to be introvert and hates public speaking, hehehe. 

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