My curry mee! Anyone? :P

Last month, Mr H asked me to cook curry mee because he planned to bring it to his friends at UTM. So I said OK. No problem. I cooked a big pot of curry mee that can feed about 20 people. We brought the curry mee to UTM. It was a challenge, to make sure that the gravy will stay put in the car, hahaha.

The gravy. 

So all of them said they love the curry mee I cooked. Something different they said, because usually you do not take more than 1 serving for curry mee. You will feel bloated because the gravy is filled with coconut milk. However, it was different with my cooking. Alhamdulillah, they finished everything. Some of them even took home a little to their families. Few were fasting that day but they did not want to miss out the dish so they put in extra effort by finding a tupperware, hahaha.

Last Tuesday, Mr H received a whatsapp from his supervisor, asking whether I would do a small scale catering. She just love the curry mee that day and would like to eat it again, hahaha.

She called it "the super delicious mee" hahaha.

I had never in my life got involved with catering business. I just cook for fun. I had no problem about accepting the offer, but how do I charge? I do not have any knowledge on catering business. I whatsapp one of my friends whom I know is involved in this catering business. She explained to me how to calculate. Thanks Kak Ika. :)

 My curry mee.

Everybody at the farewell party love my curry mee, again! Hahaha. Praise to Allah. I was really worried while cooking because this time I am charging people for it. That means the quality must be up to the standard. Or else, they can sue me under Section 16 Sales of Goods Act, ;p

Do you see the red chilli paste in the plate. That is the speciality of my curry mee. Some of them aimed for that chilli paste from the start. They even took it to eat with rice, hahaha.

So if you want to try my curry mee, I am opening order now, hahaha. I can also cook spagheti and laksa if you want. Well, we can always discuss about this. But I prefer small scale ya, as I do not have the tools to handle big orders. 

You can try it as fast as this weekend :)

Whatsapp me : +60104002981 

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