Rumah Kueh by Rita Rudaini

I am one of Rita Rudaini's followers on Instagram. So of course I knew that she had just opened a restaurant named Rumah Kueh. At first, the pictures she uploaded on Instagram did not have any effect on me. But then, as the Ramadhan was near, Rita uploaded few pictures of the Kueh available at her restaurant. Literally, mouth watering!

I had to beg Mr H to bring me there. He was reluctant at first because the place is quite far from our house and if we are going for sahur, that means we will be out late at night. 

This is the address of Rumah Kueh:

Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara

Rumah Kueh by Rita Rudaini.

I just searched SUNWAY NEXIS on Waze and it brought us to the exact place. For the restaurant however, you have to walk a little to the back of the building. We tried asking the guard about the location of the restaurant but he had no idea. Strange!

There was some miscommunication with the restaurant because I had actually booked for sahur buffet through whatsapp and the reply I received through whatsapp voice told me that they are open for sahur from 11 pm to 1 am. We arrived around 12 midnight and was a bit panicked when we saw everybody was cleaning up. 

We thought that the sahur buffet had ended. After we approached one of the staffs, she told us that the buffet is from 12.30 midnight onwards. I let her listen to the voice message I received and she was also stunned. Well, all the staffs there were stunned actually. But they were quick to say sorry and offered us some of the delicious kueh to eat while waiting for the exact buffet time to start.

Some of the kueh.

I think the bandung drink was the killer. I like the taste as it is. Not so sweet and yet quenched our thirst.

The restaurant has two levels. We chose to sit at the ground level, nearer to the buffet section, hahaha. The space is quite small but nice. Homey ambiance. We did visit the upper floor and saw all the paintings hanging on the wall. Very funny quotes!

Jokes about Kueh.

Hahaha, sometimes I am also confused between doughnut and kueh keria.

The interior on the 1st floor.

There is also children playing area.

The buffet had spread of rice and few dishes. Kueh are of course, available. I think it is worth for the price that you pay. There were chicken and beef, and fried vegetables. Of all the kuehs available I enjoyed karipap and cucur badak the most. I like the fact that the size of the kueh is bite-size. That means you can taste all other kueh as well because the size is cute enough to fill in your mouth. 

Mr H before the buffet.

The buffet is actually on the right, I forgot to capture the buffet area. :(

I had also forgotten to capture the picture of the food. Maybe because we were too busy enjoying the food, hahaha. All in all, I think that the sahur buffet is worth the money. I cannot remember the exact price but it was less than RM 15 per head.

Thinking of going for sahur buffet tonight? Try Rumah Kueh by Rita Rudaini.