This defines proud

She was my student during her Foundation. She went to a different faculty for Degree. But she had always contacted me to update about her well-being. Things were tough for her. She told me once that whenever she felt like giving up, she will remember what I had said in class. Do not ever think of giving up! 
I adore her because she made peace with fate and never blame anything or anyone for what had happened. Instead, she took whatever she was given with  and turned them into gold. She is Wahida.

I received a whatsapp message one day from Wahida, she told me that she had joined a contest and if possible she would like me to come and have a look. I could not on the day she sent the message, but I promised to visit her the next day.

I told Mr H that we have to pay her a visit at her booth and give moral support for the competition. But before we even reached the venue of the competition, she already sent me a message telling me that she had won the competition with Gold Medal! Praise to Allah!

Gold Medal!

That was her own idea and her own invention. This girl, whom I had known in class, for the past 5 years, had proven to me that there is nothing in this world that can stop her from achieving success. I could not be more proud for being one of her lecturers in her years studying in the university.

This is what she invented. Healthy snack, beneficial for diabetis and high blood patients.

It is yummy! Seriously. It was not bitter at all. Even though it was made from morinda.

Feel like getting some after seeing this model eating them? :P

To Wahida, I wish you all the best for your future and I can't wait to see you graduate with the sash on. It's a promise k! 

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