Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)

I wanted to watch this movie since Raya. I know for a fact that it was on air on the second day of Raya. Mr H and I were contemplating on watching this movie in Taiping, but then we still have a few houses to visit for Raya, so we decided to wait. After Raya, our schedule was quite tight so again, we postponed to watch this movie. 

The whole gang.

Last weekend, I was so tired that I told Mr H, that would be the perfect night to go and watch Ice Age. I really need a good laugh. And you know what, after Ice Age, we bought tickets to watch Ghostbusters, hahaha. Back to back. Just like that, all my stress was gone. Because I really enjoyed both movies and had a very good laugh. 

Of course, the star in Ice Age, is Sid. This time around he has found himself true love. At the start of the movie, one girl decided to break off with him, because she claimed Sid was too clingy and the profile picture was not the same, hahaha. I wonder which picture did Sid put up as his profile picture...

I hope this was not Sid's profile picture, hahaha.

If you want to read the synopsis, you can read it from IMDb. Click here

My review? What else can I say, it was very entertaining! This time around Manny's daughter is getting married so he is a bit emotional. It's really funny to watch Manny trying his best to create a distance between his daughter and her fiance. 

So guys, if you realllyyyyyy need a good laugh, you have to watch Ice Age: Collision Course. Will blog about Ghostbusters after this, hahaha. 

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