Ghostbusters (2016) - The review

I believe that I was a fan of Ghostbusters cartoon, when I was small. Because I can still remember some of the characters. However, in Ghostbusters (2016) the characters are all new and maybe it was written that way for the script of this movie.

The poster. Credit to Google.

To watch the movie, Ghostbusters (2016) was not in our list. The main objective that day was to watch Ice Age. Read here for the review. However, after we had finished watching Ice Age, I threw the idea to watch GB and Mr H agreed. Well, maybe we were both under a lot of stress lately that watching 2 movies in a row seemed to be one of the ways to de-stress. Oh ya, another way is to fly to Paris but that needs money, hahaha.

The storyline - Ghost started to invade Manhattan so paranormal experts, Erin Gilbert and Abby Yates, plus a nuclear engineer Jillian Holtzmann, and a subway worker Patty Tolan work together to stop the threat. Abby is actually a professor in physics and had written a book about paranormal activities. 

Some of the ghosts in this movie actually look very friendly, like Casper, hahaha. But some of them are portrayed as menace to the society. The team started to get fund for their research on paranormal activities that they had to hire an assistant to help them in daily matters. They hired Kevin. Little did I know that Kevin is actually the same actor playing Thor. Wow! 

Kevin. Picture credit to Google.

The movie was entertaining, you do not have to crack your head to solve the mystery. I am not sure whether the youngsters nowadays were exposed to Ghostbusters when they were kids. I can still see the crowd in the cinema though. 

Anyway, since it is no longer shown at the cinema, you have to find ways now to watch it online, hahaha. So sorry for the late review. 

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  1. Film Ghostbuster sangat seru dan lucu dengan para jagoan perempuan pembasmi hantu, sangat kreatif