Happy Anniversary B!

I had written this poem a few months ago, in anticipation of this day. I love you B.


Dalam gelap aku menangis, 
Mengapakah dunia terlalu bengis, 
Tapi kau hadir menyapu airmata,
Kau berjanji ku tak akan lagi hiba.

Dunia memang kejam penuh pancaroba, 
Kau bimbing aku, kau tunjukkan cara, 
Jalan ke hadapan penuh berliku, 
Tetapi ingatlah Allah yang satu. 

 Your wife, Nurnazida Nazri


  1. My dearest Baby...thank you for coming into my life. Indeed Allah has granted my prayers in front of Kaaba and I thank Him, the Most Supreme, for bestowing such a beautiful gift on this earth, making this world a heaven like paradise for me. Alhamdulillah.

  2. Time really has passed by so fast. During which we both have gone through a lot. Nevertheless, my love for you always grows as the days passes by. I really can't imagine the world without you. For that, I pray that we will always be together, in this world and the next. I love you so much my baby. Thank you for being my darling wife.