Fantastic Beasts - The review

I had received few whatsapps and emails why I had not written in my blog for a very long time. Busy? Nah! Well, yeah I am quite busy, everyday, but not that busy not to write. You see, I had problems with my Dropbox. Previously, I will write and transfer my pictures from my handphone to the Dropbox and then upload it here in my blog. However, last month I received notifications from Dropbox that my account was full and I need to delete some files. Oh my God! How do you do that. I hate prioritizing, because to me everything is important, hahaha.

So I finally get to free the space today and I hope that I will not have any more excuses not to write in this blog. *wink.

Ok, back to the main topic. We went to watch this movie last weekend. One of our students offered us two tickets initially but the cinema is in Bukit Raja. I am not in favour of that cinema because it is quite small. 

We went and watch this movie in MBO, Subang Parade as usual. For the sake of the membership points, hehehe. I heard good reviews about the movie. So let's give it a try.

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This story is about witches and how they had to live undercover among normal human beings because they were afraid to show their powers. They were laws created to prohibit them from using their powers openly too. A man (a witch) came to America from England with the intention of buying some magical creatures. I cannot remember what it was since the all the names were bizarre and alien to me. He also brought along a briefcase with him containing all the magical creatures that he was supposed to take care of. It was funny because like ordinary animals, these creatures tried very hard to escape from the briefcase. I personally like the look-a-like platipus. It cannot see shiny things, it will be attracted to them. Few times, he escaped and was caught. 

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There was also Obscurus, the black magic, I think. Everybody thought it was the little girl, but alas, surprisingly it wasn't. 

To me, the movie needs better editing. There were times when I felt like falling asleep because the story drag a little bit. It was entertaining of course but there were also lots of unanswered questions not revealed in the movie. 

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I guess this movie was really meant for Harry Potter's fans since the writer is J.K. Rowling. So if you miss Harry Potter movies, you can still watch Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. 

Rate    :    6/10 

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