Hello Kitty haul!

My students tagged me on Facebook about this event. Actually, whenever there are postings about Hello Kitty, they will tag me because they know my interest, hahaha. I know it makes them wonder how come this lecturer who looks like a lion in class can actually have a soft spot for Hello Kitty and all pink items. 

Mr H too, at first could not accept this side of me. But now, his motto in life is, IF YOU CANNOT FIGHT THEM, JOIN THEM. Hahaha. But I am still trying my best in asking his permission to change the colour of our car to pink!

So this event was held at Summit, Subang Jaya. It started from Friday, 25th of November to Sunday, 27th of November 2016. Believe me, it was not easy to tell Mr H about this event. I had to wait until he was in a very, very good mood until I break the news to him. 

Luckily in the end, he relented. Anyway, happy wife, happy life. Right! Hahaha. So he agreed. But you will be surprised that in the end, Mr H too did take something and paid for it. You will be wondering then, who actually has a child trapped in his/her body? :P

The prices were incredibly cheap! I noticed that most of the items were actually leftovers from Hello Kitty Merry Go Round event they had earlier in Kuala Lumpur. But who cares, as long as there are Hello Kitty faces on it, I will definitely buy them, hahaha.

Let's have a look on the things that I bought that day. 

Hello Kitty tote bag! Two of them. One of them will be a birthday present to someone. :)

Hello Kitty sticky notes!

This is the inside. So cute!

 Hello Kitty stickers!

Hello Kitty Colouring Book! Hahaha, don't ask me what will I do with a colouring book. I just know I have to have them. I have two nieces. Maybe this will be a good way to entertain them if they come to visit.

Hello Kitty colour pencils! To pair with the colouring book, hahaha.

Hello Kitty mug! At the time of writing this post, I already used this twice. I think it made my coffee sweeter. :P

Hello Kitty badges. Two of these will go to my nieces, Chid and Airis.

Hello Kitty notebook! The next time I have to attend a legal seminar, I will bring this.

Another set of Hello Kitty stickers!

Hello Kitty tag for my nieces. I cannot wear them or everybody else around me will give me that weird look. Imagine attending some serious talk and wearing this, hahaha.

I attached one of the badges to one of the bags that I wanted to send away as birthday present.

All in the bag. Happy me!

This is what Mr H bought that day. A set of jigsaw puzzles. Even though I love Hello Kitty, I hate playing jigsaw puzzles. To me, it is a waste of time. *Like I didn't waste time doing something else, hahaha.

Mr H said he will complete this puzzles and frame it. Yay! 

To conclude, I am so happppyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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