Herald Hotel, Malacca

We were in Malacca last weekend. My mother said she wanted to go to Malacca for sight seeing. Since we were both free, we agreed with the plan. It was disaster to book hotels during school holidays. Arghhh. First I tried Agoda. Of course the good hotels are all taken. What's left were expensive hotels that both of us could not afford, hehehe.

I tried searching for a few days. I really wanted to fulfill my mother's wish so we discussed about this. Mr H said that if there was really no room for us, then our last resort would be not putting up a night there. He was willing to drive back from Malacca to Shah Alam after we are finish with our sightseeing.

I stumbled upon Traveloka website one day and began searching. To my surprise, the prices were very much cheaper that what Agoda offered. (Will blog about Traveloka soon). So I searched the hotels in Malacca and found one hotel named Herald Hotel which looks reasonable. Booked 2 rooms with them. 

I paid RM 160 for BOTH rooms. Done! However, I was a bit late so there was no more room with Queen size bed. Both of the rooms we took came with 2 single bed. Oh well, at least we have rooms to sleep. Mr H can have some rest after all the driving.

This is the address of the hotel.

571-ABC, Plaza Melaka, Jalan Hang Tuah / Jalan Gajah Berang, 75300 Malacca, Malaysia

 +60 6-286 1116

And this is the gps location.

It is right in the middle of the town and is very near to Jonker Walk, the main attraction in Malacca. We were still anxious to see our rooms. Oh please let it be comfy enough. Ok, here is the deal!

The view of Herald Hotel from the street. 

Somehow I forgot to take picture from this view so this is from Google.

 The lift.

This is the reception counter.

We waited here for almost half an hour because we arrived too early. The hotel was kind enough to let us checked in one hour before the actual check in time.

Celebrating Christmas already!

The check in process was smooth. We had to pay RM 100 as deposits for 2 rooms. We arrived quite early actually and the rooms were not ready yet. So we had to wait and lazed around at the lobby for nearly half an hour. However, the hotel was kind enough to let us checked in earlier than the actual time.

Ok, now the room.

Hallway that leads to the rooms.

He looked excited!

The first thing we encountered, the dressing table, near the entrance.

Enough said. The room was very spacious. 

Mr H wanted to be a model with the magazine, I guess, hahaha.

See, the beds were very comfy. I think the hotel is very generous for RM 80 per room!

The bathroom set up. very modern like.

 Not sure why he looked up there. 

Here is a video on the condition of the room. 
Click to watch.

Superior Twin Herald Hotel, Malacca.

All in all, we were very happy with the condition of the rooms. We were very happy with the hotel. The room even has a hair dryer! We met few guests from Singapore and also a Malaysian family who had migrated to New Zealand! See, even they chose Herald Hotel! Hahaha.

The hotel can improve though on supplying more prayer mats. During our stay, we were only given 1 prayer mat but we stayed at 2 rooms so we should get 2 prayer mats right? The staff said they had limited supply of prayer mats. Maybe because it was the school holiday. Oh ya, laundry bag too. We just asked the garbage bag from the cleaner to put in our used clothes. Hahaha, that worked too.

I really recommend you to stay here, for those who do not want to spend that much but still want to enjoy your stay in Malacca.

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