Pak Long Kopitiam, Plaza Masalam Shah Alam

This is actually a post from June this year, hahaha. I think it was before Ramadhan. Very near to Ramadhan that when Ramadhan comes, I decided not to publish this post, out of respect to the holy month. And I think I forget all about it after that.

I remember we went to Plaza Masalam Shah Alam to buy my contact lens supplies. I just love wearing contact lens. I think it makes me look the age that I am supposed to be. As opposed to wearing specs. Specs me look so much older. Sometimes I think I look like Mr H, huaaaaaa...

Ok, will write another post on contact lens. 

We were hungry. *Were there any time that we were not hungry? Hahaha. Plaza Masalam is not that well known for eateries so I was not sure of where to eat. I think it was also raining heavily that day, so we had a place to sit, to wait for the rain to subside. 

We went to the lower ground and saw this Pak Long Kopitiam. The price on the menu looks reasonable so we decided to give it a try. 

Pak Long Kopitiam

Can you see me there with a bowl of curry noodle? Hahaha.

They have steamboats too. 

The decoration in the Kopitiam. Looks cosy.

Mr H ordered fried rice. As always. Yummy with big prawns.

I ordered curry noodle. Why I was frowning? Because I just remembered my pledge to diet. Oh well, we can always postpone the plan, hahaha.

All in all, I think the food was nice. Will definitely go again next time. What we get was worth for the money. They give you big prawns and hey! Prawns are not cheap nowadays.

Rating    :    7.5/10

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