Plate Shopping at IKEA

I am not sure whether this is part of the Christmas Shopping spree but the plates were very, very cheap in Ikea. On top of that, they were all white in colour, just like the ones they serve in 5 stars hotel. If they were in fact part of the Christmas Shopping spree then my advise is for you to go straight to IKEA now. You might not know what to do with them now, but who knows in the future it might come in handy especially when you have guests coming.

The first time we went there, it was after our little trip to Avani Sepang. I saw them first and when I told Mr H about it, he was happy with the idea because we do not have bowls for eating food that comes with gravy. So we bought six for our home. The glasses were also cheap! Only RM 3.90 for a pack of 6. We bought that too. 

My mom told my little sister all about it and she became interested in buying those too. Since she is currently in the midst of moving to her new house, she needs new plates, bowls, glasses and all these kitchen related things.

I agreed to be her personal shopper since we live nearer to IKEA. So we went again to buy for her. The communications were made through whatsapp. I took some pictures and whatsapp her, to see if she agrees or not. Of course she agrees with the price, they were all RM 2.90 per piece! Hahaha. And then when you turn over the plates you can see that they were made in France. Wow effect here! My sister also wanted me to buy six pieces of mugs.

Let's see the pictures.

IKEA was packed as usual, even though they opened a new branch in Cheras.

Oh ya, Mr H bought these for our home:) Why? Because it was pink in colour, hehehe. Thanks B!

All for RM 2.90 each. Now, where can you get plates with that price?

Plates for vegetables, fried fish.

 If you focus closer on the writing, you can see that they were made in France.

I put this on top of the rice plate to show my sister the difference.

Again, made in France.

These were displayed without the bowls.

The bowl.

The glasses. Six in a pack. Rm 3.90 only.

See, I told you.

We bought these, to put the hot items on.

What we bought that day.

The mug was RM 1.90 per piece. Cheap, cheap, cheap!

 A bit small but that will do.


We didn't buy these. I personally think that it is a bit expensive. Better stick with the plates, hahaha.

If you want to see all the plates and their different sizes, you can watch the video here.

I think that the plates are worth buying. RM 2.90 per piece is very cheap. My sister bought ten each and the price was still affordable, not more than RM 200. Mr H said the quality was quite good. He dropped the bowl in the sink while washing one and the bowl did not break easily. Very recommended! 

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