Positive vibes around the house, from Kaison

I saw these at Kaison, Setia Alam City Mall at first and fell in love. However, I was with my mom that day and Mr H was not with us. So I couldn't ask his opinion on these. I told him after that about what I saw but his respond was on the negative. He said it will only make our already small home looks crowded. Oh well...

One day, we were in Sunway Putra Mall by accident. I said by accident because we did not plan to go there but had to stop to perform our Maghrib prayers. I saw Kaison again! On the pretext that mom asked me to buy something for her, I asked Mr H to join me and went into the shop. He was not that enthusiastic. He agreed to buy the Marriage Rules, only. 

Marriage Rules. I love the quotes!

Mr H, slowly falling in love with all the quotes, hehehe. We made a promise that whenever one of us is angry, he/she has to stand in front of this quote :P

After that, I managed to influence Mr H to buy more, hahaha. I asked him to drive me to Kaison, Setia Alam City Mall and he did. When we were there, he took more quotes than I did. So I asked him, "I thought you said you didn't like them?" He answered, "You were right, our home needs all these positive vibes". See, I told you, the wife is always right, hahaha. And the sentence that follows after that, I love them! Mr H said, "It's ok, let me pay for all these. My present to you." Yay! Thank you Mr H.

This was hanged at the study table. Mr H's study table to be exact. Because my study table was already full with my stationaries, hahaha.

We hanged this in the bedroom.

Near the entrance door. Mr H chose this quote.

This one at the hallway. A rule to remember.

Also at the hallway.

At first Mr H said he wanted to hang this at our little garden. Oh ya, we have a small garden maintain by Mr H. I will definitely blog about that later.

Eventually, he hanged it at this table. What you see there, the brownish packages are mushrooms.

I think Kaison had done a great job in selling all these. They help a lot in beautifying our small home. I personally dislike flowers. I think the house will look crowded with flowers, especially the plastic ones. So these are great to replace flowers. The prices of these quotes are cheap too, ranging from RM 9.90 to RM 25.00. 

So guys, if you want to get the positive vibes hanging all around you, head straight to Kaison. I think they are perfect for the office too! Check out their outlets here.

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