Respect for knowlegde

In my years of teaching, I think I had seen it all. Students come and go in my life and sometimes they leave footprints behind. Even though I am a law lecturer, I have students from various disciplines. I teach law to students studying for their Degree/ Diploma in Business Administration, Business Management, Accounting, Hotel Catering, Estate Management, Office Management, Mass Communication, Building Management, Quantity Surveyor and so on. I had also taught law to foundation in law students and some of them later on changed their course to study something else, not law.

Now that I had resigned from a full time position, I still teach part time at few colleges/ universities. The challenges in teaching at private universities are more than teaching at public universities. Most of the time it is because of the students' attitude. The students feel that paying RM 2K to RM 4K per semester is not an issue for them. I, on the other hand, would always think that money was still spent so you better get something out of it. 

Sometimes, I wonder why they are still here wasting their parents' money. They are not happy and their parents too will not be happy when they receive their results later on. Why do you torture yourself and everybody else around you? Just be honest to yourself and to your parents and tell them you want to quit studying and planning to do something else.

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When a student is in that situation, there is no respect for knowledge and that saddens me. They come late to classes (if they come at all), they skip classes, they do not submit their tutorials and assignments and many other problems they created just to show that they are not happy there. I just have one question, who are you trying to hurt here? By doing all these stuffs? Seriously. It can't be the lecturers, with their qualifications they can go and work anywhere they want. Maybe some of them were begged to teach you because there are not many lecturers that come with qualifications and experiences. And it can't be the parents too. Even though they will be sad when they see your result, they have to accept the fact that they are leaving this world soon and leave you behind to manage yourself.

I personally think that the students nowadays are shortsighted. Meaning that they are not able to see the future and how they will handle it alone. Because all these while they were managed by their parents/ families. This factor can be the reason why they have no respect for knowledge. At all. Numerous times I see students putting their legs up on the desks while I was teaching. Was that action purposely done to disrespect the knowledge? Or to mock me, the conveyor of the knowledge. Only God knows.

I can't bring myself to inculcate the understanding that knowledge is very, very important to them. And this makes me stressed sometimes. At my previous university, Mr H always scolded me because I wasted a lot of time and energy to bring back students to the correct path whenever they strayed. But now.... Maybe it is the age factor? That I do not have the same amount of strength as I used to have?

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If these students are reading this post, I really hope that you will realize before it is too late. That for you to acquire the knowledge, you have to learn how to respect them. As the conveyor of the knowledge, my pay is still the same, whether you excel or not. But it will be a personal achievement to me if one day you can greet me and hand me over your name card to show how successful you are. All because of the knowledge that I had passed to you.

I agree, the knowledge is not mine. It comes from Allah. Therefore, if you feel that I should not be respected, then at least have some respect to the Giver of the Knowledge. 

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  1. Arrogance is a sickness of the heart which would definitely push such heart further into darkness and evil. So sad.