Behind the title, Submitting to Allah @ Berserah Kepada Allah

It has been a while, since I posted anything about Submitting to Allah, my first piece of writing. Alhamdulillah, I've sold quite a number of copies. Got rejected by few book stores, hahaha but that's life. As reflected in the title, I submit to Allah, totally. 

Of course, I hope to make some money from selling this book, especially when I am no longer working full time. But what's more important is the message that I want to pass to my readers, with special dedication to all my students. And let's face it, I cannot be rich by selling RM 10 book, hahaha. I am not Ahadiat Akashah or Nora Roberts, or J.K. Rowlings, yet...

So, I've made a video explaining why I chose the title as it is. You can watch the video by clicking here. Or just click the video below.

I hope that you like my writing and it gives you positive vibes just as it had given me while I was writing the book. If you are interested in reading the book in PDF copy, you can click the link below

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