Mr H's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mr H! This year is his Golden Jubilee celebration! We actually had our first date five years ago also on his birthday, hehehe. Well, courting time. Of course he asked me out. You can read about that here, Our Love Story :)

So this year, to remember the first date that we had, that brought us together as husband and wife. Imagine if I refused to go out with him on his birthday 5 years ago? Where will both of us be? Hahaha. I wouldn't trade Mr H with anything else in this world. Of course we had our disagreements, like all the time. Since we are both law graduates and law lecturers, our arguments would always be backed up with Sections, Enactments, Ordinances, Rules, Provisions, you name it! 

Since I look plump in this picture, I literally forced Mr H to take another picture.

Ok, this one better. Slimmer. Hahaha.

Ok, back to Mr H's birthday. The place that we had our first date 5 years ago, Tony Roma's Sunway Pyramid. We decided to go back to this restaurant this year and walk down the memory lane.

So these were what we ordered that day.

Bread in the house! We love free things!

Caesar salad! Seriously, Tony Roma's makes one of the best Caesar salad in town.

Mr H ordered a plate of steak. Well, it was his birthday. And he's the one paying, hahaha.

Just a simple burger for me. Actually I ordered this because I was eyeing for the french fries. 

I ordered mango juice. Why? Because it's bottomless, hahaha.

Mr H's ordered mocktail, If I'm not mistaken.

So, these are the summary of our order :P

You can watch the video here

Oh plus the dessert.

 New York Cheese Cake because I miss my youngest brother :)

After we finished eating, I went to the ladies for a while and when I returned, I saw the staffs bringing balloons to our table. I was surprised at first, but then Mr told me he just told one of the staffs that it was his birthday that day so they took the effort to throw him a little surprise. They even gave him (us, because I was the one eating it, hahaha) a piece of chocolate cake.

You can watch the video of them singing Happy Birthday song here to Mr H. It was so nice of them to actually do that. 

It was such a joyous day. I think Mr H was really over the moon. He was smiling from ear to ear, even after he saw the bills, hahaha. He was really in a good mood. 

On our way out, we met our ex student, Fikri.

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