The Great Wall - The review

I've seen a lot of websites promoting this movie. I was not that keen initially to watch this movie. The title says it all. So I presumed that it must be related to some history thingy, which I dislike. A lot. Hahaha. Don't ask me how I end up being in the legal fraternity. 

Anyway, one of our students, well two actually because both husband and wife were my students before, came to our house last Sunday. They asked whether we had watched the movie or not. We told them that we had watched Dangal and it was really a good movie. You can read the review here.

But the students said The Great Wall is better. Hmmm...we cannot miss this. I googled there and then about this movie. Mr H of course was very excited because he is the historian type. Not me, hahaha. Anyway, I just played along. It was his birthday recently, so consider this as a birthday gift hahaha. Based on what I read about the reviews, most of them actually gave 10/10 rating. That means, this is a MUST SEE movie. 

Imagine my surprise when I tried to book the tickets, most of the cinemas are already fully booked for The Great Wall. I tried MBO Subang Parade, TGV Sunway Pyramid and GSC Summit. And then we decided to watch it at MBO Citta Mall, where tickets can still be purchased. Oh ya, we managed to redeem a big size popcorn and 2 bottles of mineral water because of the points we collected, hehehe. Happy me!

The poster - Picture from Google.

Ok, I was hooked from the start. There is no boring moment at all in this movie, trust me. It started with William (Matt Damon) and his best friend tried to find the black powder and that took them to travel until they stumbled upon The Great Wall in China. The Chinese were preparing for a war with the monsters named as 'Tao tei'.They were really hideous and eat humans, yuck! These 'Tao tei' only surfaced every 60 years and this time around they were more cunning and smart that they dug a hole through the The Great Wall and later on went on attacking the city of China. 

Commander Lin Mei - Picture from Google.

It seems that these 'Tao tei' are actually afraid of magnet. If you put a magnet near them, it will block the communication system they have with their Queen. This means they cannot receive any instructions and will eventually die. There are millions of them. Oh my! When I watched all of them attacking the city. It's like watching colonies of ants marching in. Except that they are thousand times bigger than the ants, hehehe. 

'Tao Tei' - Picture from Google.

There are lots of actions in this movie and like I said it is a very fast movie. In fact, you will not realize that you are already in the cinema for more than two hours. That's how good the movie was. So apart from watching Dangal, this is a movie that I suggest you to watch as soon as possible!

Rating : 9.5/10

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