Cherating Short Getaway

I was so stressed up to here *pointing nose. Not sure why either, maybe I was behind so many deadlines...ehemmm.. Who's fault is that? Hehehe... So I told Mr H let's do something crazy like travel to somewhere outside Kuala Lumpur for a while. We agreed to go to Cherating. While browsing through hotel deals in Traveloka apps, I found out that they offered further discount for Holiday Villa Cherating. A garden villa chalet is only RM 120, of course I immediately made the booking. 

Sounds promising right! Picture taken from their website

So far from my observation, Traveloka offers the cheapest deal if you compare it with other Travel apps. One tips if you are using Traveloka, it is better to use the phone apps rather than using your computer because you will get additional discount by using the former. 

We decided to leave Shah Alam on a Tuesday because it was during weekday and surely there will be no traffic jam. I slept a lot during the journey. So exhausted. Again, not sure from what, hahaha. Mr H drove all the way to Cherating and also all the way back. He is such a good husband. If memory serves me right, he had never once asked me to drive in our now five years of marriage. He told me to let him be the man. So I said OK, and let me be the woman, and sleeps.... :P

We had to settle quite a few errands on that day so we pushed off quite late. At the time we arrived, the time was already 5 p.m. 

I had to rush to the ladies room. Mr H had to park so he told me to go on my own. 

I saw a prayer room situated near the ladies room. Very nice!

Registration at the reception. Mr H was already looking for the menu stand, situated at the Coffee House next to the Reception.

Happy looking Mr H because he now knows what to order :P

The check in process was smooth, maybe because I already paid everything online. However, a RM 100 deposit is required upon check in. We were given a key to our room. The key is still the old fashioned key, as compare to magnetic cards used by other hotels nowadays. 

This is the path to our room.

We saw the pool first! As was told by our receptionist, this hotel actually has two swimming pool. And this one, which is in front of our room, is bigger than the other one.

Few other villas, we can see on our way to our room. That is also the path to be taken if you are going to the beach.

Mr H, as my tour guide, hahaha.

Yay! We finally arrived at our villa!

Mr H, sitting on the balcony with a stray cat he called SAYANG.

Our villa, Room 259.

The bed is King size.

View from the door.

All the windows are glued so you cannot open them, including the small window in the bathroom. And there is no air filter for bathroom odour provided too. At times, you can be out of breath for staying too long in the room. There is no real air ventilation.

A study table in the living room.

Now you see it, just a plain table in the living room.

Tadaaaa! Now it is full with food, hahaha. I ordered Club Sandwich and Mr H ordered Nasi Timbel Bali (Rice with fried chicken and veges) from the room service. 

We were so hungry that we just ordered the food in. Both of these plates from RM 50 ++ errkkkk... *Note to self: WORK HARDER!

After we had our lunch/ dinner (two in one), Mr H wanted to go to the beach. So I followed him. The beach is just a 5 minutes walk from the villa.

There, you can see the beach already.

Such a nice weather.

Yay! To the beach. I get my Vitamin Sea!

I took this shot from the seashore. 

Happy us!

We spent about an hour at the beach. Strolling along the beach... It was such an enjoyable walk because there was only a few people at the beach so it was not crowded. We could actually hear ourselves thinking. I love the ambiance of the sea. Even though if you know me well, I hate to be near water, hahaha. I am afraid of what is underneath the water. I always imagine that there is actually a giant octopus under the water and it will catch me if I go near the water. The apartment we live in is just in front of the swimming pool and you can ask Mr H how many times had I actually went into the pool :P Nada, Zilch, Zero! Well, I think I watched too many Ultraman series with giant monsters in them, hahaha.

Ok, here is the funny part. After we spent some time at the beach, we decided to go back to our villa and just laze around. On our way back, we stopped by at the other pool just to have a look.

This is the other pool. Smaller than the one situated in front of our villa.

That was when it happened. A blackout! For the entire hotel, hahaha! God sure has His own way to test us :) So instead of going back to the villa, we decided to stop by at the reception and ask about the situation. The receptionist told us that there was a supply cut from TNB and they were trying their best to connect the electricity again. It would take some time. So Mr H and I decided to take a drive because it would be pointless going back to the villa. No electricity means no aircond!

We drove towards Terengganu (Kemaman) and saw a small complex there and we decided to make a stop. After walking few rounds, I called the hotel to ask whether the electricity is back. It was already 9.15 p.m. at that time, and the receptionist said no. So Mr H suggested that we went to a hairdresser so I can get my hair wash, he was trying to console me from exploding, hahaha. We had travelled for hours to enjoy the villa but now we are here, tired and angry, of course. 

After that I told Mr H to just go back to the hotel and maybe we can just wait at the lobby. By that time, I was already too tired and so sleepy. At least they have some chairs at the lobby right? 

On our way back to the hotel, we saw Domino's Pizza and decided to buy some as our dinner. It was 10 p.m. by then and I decided to call the hotel again. Alhamdulillah, the receptionist gave us the good news. We hurried back to our hotel, ate our pizza and zzzzzz for the night.

The next day, we asked for a later check out but the receptionist was reluctant at first. We reminded her that we did not get to enjoy the room the night before as the electricity was out from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. That's a whole 3 hours!! She agreed at last. Before checking out, I asked her on any restaurant she would recommend us for lunch. She suggested this place.

D' Cherating Restaurant.

To be honest, the price was a bit extravagant but the food was really delicious. Even the grilled fish was really nice because it has some special sauce poured onto it. We saw many buses stopped at this restaurant and as we later learned, this is a popular place for stopover. 

We stopped by at few stalls to buy some crackers and Mr H favourite Sata, before proceeding back home. Personally, I think that it was a joyful getaway except for the electricity cut off that took few hours.. So Mr H, when is our next getaway?

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