Finding Truth by Haris Rani

This is a book written by Mr H, Finding Truth. Recommended for philosopher or jurist wannabe.

Time spent for reading would be around 3 hours 40 minutes estimated by using Edgestudio.

You can find a free copy of the book here.

A synopsis of the book

It discusses the issues of who are we and why we are here in this world? It aims to find the universal truth about our existence, the purpose of creation and the purpose of life. Questions which are crucial in today’s environment as we are living in times of ever increasing immoral practices, corruptions, oppression, greed and other destructive behaviours prevailing throughout the world.

It attempts to present a simplistic approach in order to give a universal answer to these questions as well as our relationship with God. With the hope that it will offer a more logical and practical solution that portrays better of our love towards God, mankind, wildlife, environment and most importantly, towards ourselves.

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