Is writing my niche?

Since I had published two inspirational/ motivational books, Submitting to Allah and Candle in the Wind, and one legal series, Law of Contract Made Simple for Laymen, I find that writing is a new passion of mine. I remember that as a young adult, I would write poems to express my feelings (usually after I had a fight with my mother, I was once of course, a teenager too like everyone else). I guess my mother found my pieces of ramblings because I heard her talking to a relative one day. She said, "Yeah, she's born in September. You know what they say about September babies. Very emotional and like to write their feelings". I was so embarrassed with this comment that I had stopped writing ever since.

I had just started to write again two years ago. After I resigned from my full time job, I had the extra time that I started to write again. It started with little poems and it eventually turned into blog and article writings. I, myself was amazed on how I can put my thoughts on paper. Every time I hold a pen and put it down to paper, something would definitely come out of it. 

At that point of time, I did a lot of part time teaching at various colleges/ universities around Kuala Lumpur. I had to travel by public transport and boy... all the time wasted for waiting. So I started to bring my notebooks with me, and a pen of course. Whenever I had to wait for my next ride, I would start to write. I guess, this was also the birth story of my first book, Submitting to Allah. I did not have a full time job and was depending only on my part time income. Thus, what else was there to think about, except to submit myself fully to Allah and let Him decide on my future. 


Since then, May 2015, I had been writing non-stop. However, I do realize that I could not write for all genres. My writings are limited to non-fiction and English writing only. I had tried once writing a novel, in fact I had already started writing it. Nevertheless, when I tried reading them again, I burst into laughter. Can you imagine if I actually give them to the readers to read? :P

I guess creative writing is just not my forte. I do not have creative imagination either. Maybe I am just a boring person, hahaha. Few of my friends, my husband included, advised me to write a novel which maybe later can be developed into a movie. We all know how J.K. Rowling got the hit for her books. Then again, I am just not creative enough. However, I am thankful to Allah, that I at least can still write, even if it is only restricted to non-fictions.
I had my first book, Submitting to Allah translated to Malay language, Berserah Kepada Allah. I had no experience in translating books but I tried anyway since it is my very own book. From my point of view, translating requires you to have the ability to read and write. And somehow make your new writing similar to the previous one. 

Again, I burst into laughter reading my own translation. I just could not write in Malay language. It is supposed to be my mother tongue and I converse in this language everyday. But I just could not write in this language! How come? Ok, I blame law school for this! Hahaha. Since 1999, when I joined the matriculation programme for law, we were trained to write, present, debate and everything else related, in English. I think I might have lost my mojo to write in Malay. 

To answer my own question, as the topic for this post, "Is writing my niche?" I am not sure myself. I know I can write, but my writings are quite limited only to certain areas. I would love to develop my skills in time. Being creative is the top of my list. For the time being, I guess I just have to settle being a writer, who is not at all, CREATIVE.