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I finally reached 100K viewers of my blog! I am so happy. Thank you all for the support. As you can see, I had just revamp the whole blog and now it is brand new, hahaha. Will blog about that too later.

This stat was taken last week. As of today, I think the view is already 106K.

Some popular blog posts.

This sure had gone a long way... From the day I resigned two years ago. Since then I had found a new passion and also a hidden talent - writing. I had finished writing and self-published these books so far, Submitting to Allah, Candle in the Wind and Law of Contracts Made Simple for Laymen. 

I also tried my hands on poem writing. I am not sure whether it is a gift because every time I tried writing a sentence, another sentence just flows in my brain and they rhyme :) Since then I think I had written more than 30 poems.

Sometimes I found my writing in my old notebooks and was surprised to see my own thoughts. Mind you, I have more than 10 notebooks and I write in all of them, hahaha. I tried writing a novel too but chose to give up on that. I do not have the creative mind. 

I did express my feeling about that here in this entry. Even though many advice me on starting a novel because it can surely brings lots of profit, I just couldn't. Well, we have to accept that we are not capable of doing everything.

Anyway, in conjunction with this celebrated event (it is for me :P) I had reduced the price of all my books (e-book version) on E-Sentral. E-Sentral is a website selling e-books created in Malaysia. All you have to do is register yourself as a user and you can start choosing the books that you want to read. It is very easy because you get to read the books wherever and whenever you are free. That's the beauty of having an e-book.

The e-books available are:
1. Submitting to Allah
2. Berserah Kepada Allah
3. Candle in the Wind
4. Law of Contract Made Simple for Laymen

Have a look! You just have to click the link below the cover picture of my books.

Click here to view and buy.

Click here to view.

Click here to view.

Click here to view.

My e-books are also available at Amazon and Smashwords. Happy reading!

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