Twelve Years of Bliss - HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!

A poem I wrote for Teacher's Day. From a teacher to all teachers in the world.

To my teachers too, thank you being patient with me... Now that I am in your shoes I understand the mood swings that you guys have before this


Twelve years ago I was told to teach,
My father, an academician wants it to be my niche,
I silently object but could not tell him upfront,
My father always has a way of getting things done.

The first time ever I went to my class,
My heart beat was going really, really fast,
There were so many faces all staring at me,
I was so nervous that I actually thought to flee. 

Life as an academician is a rocky road, 
You got to have the extra patience just to stay afloat, 
But nobody can deny the joy of teaching, 
Despite the turmoil in class we always find the ending. 

If you were to ask me why do I still teach, 
As if there is nothing better in life except to preach, 
I do not have the answer but I can definitely tell you this, 
Each and every student I encounter is why I am always in bliss.

Written by NURNAZIDA NAZRI, Padang Rengas, Perak.


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