Why is it her fault?

Recently I was scrolling through my Instagram and saw a post from a public figure. She had just went through divorce. The posting was meant for someone because she addressed it as Dear Madam. In that posting, she justified herself for having to choose divorce over staying in the marriage and also stated her reasons for doing so.

This is too much! It is her life and her problems, and yet she had to justify her actions to strangers? Why was it a necessity to do so? In her post, she said that she felt the need to respond as that Madam had left numerous harsh comments on her social medias. I am sure that this Madam is one nosy aunty :P

First of all, that is her life. She can do whatever she wants. As outsiders, all we can do is to support her decisions. Only she knows why she had come to such decisions. Everybody wants happiness in life and if by being happy means she has to live alone, then be it. Even if she tells all her stories to us, I still think it is not wise to judge because our opinion will not be the same as someone who is already in that situation. No matter how hard we try to understand, how hard we try to walk in her shoes, we can never be her. Feelings cannot be shared. Sadness cannot be shared. 

Secondly, we did not know what happened behind the scene. After all she has a daughter and I am sure her decisions were made solely based on the future of her daughter. A mother will always think of her child, even in the time of pain. 

Thirdly, I think it is wrong to say that she acts happy as if she is the one who caused the marriage breakdown. She has a daughter, perhaps she is dying inside, but she is trying hard to hide that feeling and just be strong for her daughter. What is wrong with that? Nobody in this world wants a divorce. We spent lavishly during our weddings, and for what? Because we plan to spend eternity with the spouse. One thing that we always have to remember, we plan, but Allah is always the Greater Planner.

Someone who is always pointing out someone else's weakness is a person who does not have trust in Allah. We are born not to be perfect and we will never be one. It is just that our tests in this world are different from each other. I sincerely hope that the Madam referred to does not have to endure the life of who she critics or see someone dear to her as going through the same journey. If you cannot offer something nice to say, it is better not to say anything at all.

I had written a poem and put the title as 'STOP' to illustrate my feelings towards the incident. Well, that is the only way a writer knows how to fight. With writing :) 

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