Hijabs and shawls from Hidden Pearls, United Kingdom

I received a package from the UK last week. The founder of Hidden Pearls wants me to review their hijabs. It was so nice of her to post the items all the way from UK to Malaysia. I am so honoured to be chosen to write the reviews. We had correspond for a few times through email and in fact until now. Hope that the collaboration would last :)

The package. Maybe she knows I am a fan of the colour pink? 


Nicely wrapped, that is why I think this can be your best choice as gifts.

Leopard printed brown and dark green shawls.

There are two hijabs in the package. Both are shawls. She did ask me which one do I prefer and I told her I like wearing shawls because it seems nicer and make me look younger :P I received a dark green chiffon and also a leopard print jersey shawls in light brown. Both are beautiful! Thank you so much sis Rashdah!

Wearing the dark green chiffon from Hidden Pearls.

I love the dark green shawl because the cutting is quite large so you can have wider area to cover yourself. It is also heavy thus it falls nicely and would not barge even if there is strong wind coming your way :) If you want to have a look at this shawl, click this link

So girls, sometimes we can forget the importance of hijab. Yet for a Muslim it is the center of their world! Hidden Pearls reflects this brilliantly, for them a hijab is not just about selling but also about being. This is reflected by how they sell a variety of things Hijab related such as: 

  1. Hijabs
  2. Hijab Pins
  3. Handbags/Purses AND
  4. Various types of Islamic gifts including Eid Gifts which all tie in together making moments extra special for women around the world.
Their hijab varieties include several types such as: 

Plain Hijabs;
Crinkle, Chiffon;
Pom Pom;
Multi tone & Ombre;
Polka Dot;
Leopard Print;
Pearl, Lace;
Diamante and even Glitter Rose Hijabs.

By the way, this list is by no means exhaustive! 

Hidden Pearls website with a chat button, in case you need a personal shopper advice :)

For that, you would have to checkout their Hijabs yourself. Go on, check their website.They easily have the largest collection of Hijabs & Hijab Pins amongst the hijab shops in the whole of UK. They have also recently added some beautiful varieties of Islamic Gifts in their shops as well. For those in the UK, you would have seen thousands of different types of Christmas, Easter and New Year gifts but I bet you would have a hard time finding a single decent affordable Eid Gift online!

Yet for a Muslim, a beautiful and thoughtful gifts could mean so much and as the years pass by, offer a tangible reminder of thoughtfulness and connection, which is a Sunnah in Islam. Hidden Pearls is doing a regular & deluxe box which offers a beautiful hijab (2 in the Deluxe box) from their luxury collection, you get a set of gorgeous hijab pins and an everyday essential hijab bonnet or ninja cap! 

Along with this you would get additional items in your box ranging from chocolates, pretty earrings, a bow and other really nice stuff! You have probably been waiting for years to get something affordable in the gift industry for Muslims. Hidden Pearls is on the road to improving the Muslim gift market! 

Finally, the products are gorgeously presented in a black box for regular and ivory for large and tied off with a stunning satin ribbon. Check out their regular and deluxe boxes at Hidden Pearls under Islamic Gifts for Her and Eid Gifts. Hidden Pearls are also getting ready to launch Eid Presents for Kids so keep your eyes open guys!

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  1. hey, Ma shah Allah you look very pretty in the green chiffon hijab!