Tight Rope by Sahar Abdul Aziz

I had received this book for review from Djarabi Kitabs Publishing and I admit I was quite late in submitting a review. I had an exam last week and most of my spare time are spent on proofreading Mr H's thesis. So sorry for this late review.

Anyway, this is the first fiction book that I get to review and I was really excited! Worth the time I spent on the book because it has 349 pages, minus the Glossary page:)

This book starts with a quote I personally think is relevant to the Islamophobia epidermic that is happening around the world nowadays: "Racism is terrorism". It portrays 6 stories with the characters trying to deal with their problems. The characters are different individuals but throughout the stories they intertwined with each other. Majority of them are facing Islamophobia with Nour, I think, receiving the most cruel treatment from her peers. Luckily she is one strong woman!

My two favourite characters are Nour and Maryam. They are both Muslims women, holding on to their Islamic faith but sure do have distinguish backgrounds. Nour is a speaker preparing for a big event and she constantly receives vicious remarks basically for being a Black Muslim. Maryam, on the other hand is a Catholic reverted to Islam. Nour's parents being Muslims themselves has always protect and support Nour's actions but Maryam is a Muslim revert who has difficult parents that cannot accept the fact their daughter had chose another religion to live with.

If you think you are facing difficulties being a Muslim, try reading this book. You will be surprised that they are people who are getting harsher treatment for just being Muslims. Living in Malaysia, I might not get the severe treatment professing my religion, but I tried stepping into the shoes of my brothers and sisters who are living across the world. It sure is a challenge for them. I hope that Allah will continue to give them strength in being who they are.

This fiction is carefully written with special attention to the details. It is indeed a creative writing because the authors had incorporated creative skills in her writing. A heartiest congratulations to the author!

If you are interested in reading this brilliant piece, you can purchase it from Goodreads and Amazon.


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