Kamillah the Butterfly by Shoohada Khanom

I was given the chance to review this book by the publisher, Djarabi Kitabs Publishing. The title of the book is Kamillah the Butterfly, authored by Shoohada Khanom.

The story is as suggested by the title, Kamillah, a butterfly who went through life transitions from a caterpillar to a gorgeous butterfly. Interestingly enough, she herself, did not know what she went through and was surprised when she woke up after a long sleep. 

I love the illustrations in this book because the illustrator uses vibrant colour. This would certainly attract the young children/ toddlers to read or at least leafing through the pages. Children are easily attracted to colours and that can help to build the inner reader in them.

The message in this book is also very loud and clear. It is a good way to educate the children about evolution and changes in life. The same goes to fate and destiny. Even our fingers are created with different lengths. So that was what Kamillah had felt after she changed. That Allah made us in different shapes, sizes and colours too!

I really recommend this book to young children/ toddlers. This can be a really good bedtime story to read to them before bedtime.

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