Read Submitting to Allah and Candle in the Wind in PDF copies!

I know some of you feel that reading an e-book is a nuisance. If you are not an IT savvy like me, it makes life harder, isn't it? 😕
Okay, so now I have GOOD news for you. I finally find a way for you to read Submitting to Allah and Candle in the Wind through PDF copies. Yup, you got that right! No need signing in and downloading all the apps before you can read them. You just have to download the pdf copy and you can read it for a very, very long time. For eternity.

Submitting to Allah and Candle in the Wind.

If you are interested in buying, please click this link:

Submitting to Allah for $1.99 USD

This book is particularly meant for leisure reading. The one that you can read over breakfast or while you are waiting for the bus. It contains personal advices to always look at the positive side before you start grumbling about the negative. Life is full of surprises and we need to treat these surprises as gifts.

Candle in the Wind for $2.99 USD

This book is a colourful journey of a lecturer throughout her teaching years. It can serve as a guidance whenever you lose hope and are looking for an answer. You will be reading various stories from different students who had different issues, and you may notice that your problems are not that demanding after all. There are others out there who are going through much worse in life; sometimes, its things that you could never have imagined. So stay strong and just keep going.

You can use Paypal or Credit Cards to pay. 

These are some comments I received for the books. And as the author, I am really, really over the moon that my writing helps people to overcome negativity in life!

Review for Submitting to Allah

Review for Candle in the Wind.

So please click here if you want to read them, Submitting to Allah and Candle in the Wind.

And I really hope that you will respect the copyright and the hard work that I had put in, writing the books. :)

P/S: If you are in Malaysia, my books are available in printed form too. You can whatsapp me +60104002981. The price now is RM 25 for both with FREE postage! 

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