Fairy Tales of Ordinary Children by Ayesha Marfani

The author, Ayesha Marfani had contacted me and asked for a review on her book. It was some time last month and since I had few posts scheduled earlier on my blog, this one had to go in queue. So finally, I am able to pen down my review today.😍

I think it is important that the children be taught about the importance of putting in effort in whatever they do. You can not blame just your fate if you yourself, refuse to do anything to make it happen. Well, you know what they say, "If you don't like something, move! You are not a tree!"

I love and quoted part of the poem written in this book here.

What's then supernatural?
To work hard and be more logical.

And I could not agree more. There is no such thing as pure magic in life. You have to work hard in order to 'receive' that magic.

This book has 19 pages and each page has beautiful illustrations for the children. I believe that the author's strong background as a homeschooling educator had given her wide understanding on what the children want to read and see in a book.

There are six characters pictured in this book, all of them are children going through some hardships in life. They love to sit together and recite poems to epitomize their conditions. I am fond of the poems because they rhyme 😘 *my style of poem and I love the artworks which was drawn by Fatima Marfani.

Fairy Tales of Ordinary Children gives positive vibes by sending the message that day-dreaming must be accompanied by hard work. I like the attitude of the girl described as Cinderella in the story, forgive and forget. There are greater things ahead. 

There is a page designated in this book for children's activities. Something to keep them occupied.

If I am to summarize this book in one word, it is gonna be - HOPE!😊

To read this book, you can purchase it from Amazon for just USD 2.99, click the picture below.👇


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