Interview series: Zainab Jones, author of Mommy, Who is Allah?

This is the second interview I conducted on this blog but the first time ever with an author of a book. Two days ago, I had published a review on her book, Mommy, Who is Allah? The publisher for this book is Djarabi Kitabs Publishing.

So today, let's read this interview with her to get some insights on her book and also on her future plans. This interview was done through email.

So, lets get started with the interview with Zainab Jones.

Tell us a little bit about yourself for ice-breaking session.

My name is Susan Jones. I was raised in Houston, Texas and converted to Islam in the latter part of 1999. Afterwards, my husband, daughter, and I moved to Dubai. Where I immediately embarked on learning the religion. While I attended classes I started ordering books from different Islamic publishing houses. This morphed into me opening the first Islamic bookstore in Sharjah that offered material in English. Dr. Bilal Philips (who had his own publishing house in Sharjah and was my teacher at Discover Islam) advised me on which authors and scholars were appropriate. I, then worked with the UAE Ministry of Information and Al Qaf Dubai Dawwah and Islamic Center for the necessary approval. Al Shamilah ordered books from Dar Us Salam, Iqra, IIPH, SoundVision, and a few other publishers. Our store had a children’s section with a weekly story-time. 

Simultaneously, I started an even greater and scarier project, homeschooling. I ordered our curriculum through the Calvert Accredited Home School program and subsidized Islamic Studies with the books ordered through the bookshop. The bookstore had about a 2 year shelf life and I was then approached by some affluent Emirate families to tutor their children in English. I, then, began a company called American Advisory Teaching Services in cooperation with other American and British sisters who just so happened to be homeschooling their children, too.

We then, moved to Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia and I continued homeschooling, tutoring, and teaching English as a Second Language to children, girls and women of all ages. I lived in the Middle East for almost 15 years and have only been back in the States for a short time.

In one sentence, describe about your book.

“Mommy, Who Is Allah?” is a book about a mother who wants to help her young son begin to understand who Allah is and His importance in our lives. She does this by focusing on Allah as The Creator of all that exists.

When will it be released and what is your hope towards Mommy, Who is Allah?

The book is due to be released on August 13, 2017. My hope is to inspire the love of Allah in the hearts of children through a loving, joyful and fun conversation between a mother and her child.

What is your next project?

MWIA Al-Khaliq, The Creator is the first book in a series that is dedicated to developing a child’s understanding of Allah through is Attributes by focusing on one or two attributes at a time.

Book 2 is complete and is titled, “Mommy, Who Is Allah?” Al Ahad Allahu As-Samad. This Book helps children to understand that Allah is One. It also encourages children to begin talking to Allah by making Du’ah. A children’s du’ah journal/activity may accompany Book 2. 

In Sha Allah, I’m presently working on Book 3. MWIA Al-Rahman, Al-Raheem.

Now that you are a published author, do you think you are going to make writing as a full time career? 

Yes, In Sha Allah I hope to make writing a full time career. I’m currently learning more about the world of blogging and would like to write more about converting to Islam and building a home on what I like to term as “The New Frontier” and or “Halal Living.”

Any wisdom words for the reader?

Allah loves beauty in all things so in all things strive to be beautiful. -SJ 

On behalf of, we want to say thank you for taking the time to answer the questions. We wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavours!♡

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