It's just RM 1

I just need to write this down. Even though Mr H had told me repeatedly to let it go. Well, I did let it go. However, I still have flashes of this incident so maybe if I try to pen it down here I can realllyyyyy let it go this time. Ok, here goes.

Months ago, Mr H and I had to go to the city (Kuala Lumpur) because my cousin stayed at a hotel and wanted to meet us. It was at night and we decided to go there by bike since it would be cheaper and also easier to park. We arrived at the hotel, which is adjacent to a huge shopping complex at around 9 p.m. I messaged my cousin and we eventually met in front of the shopping complex. We went to a nearby restaurant for dinner. 

After that, we returned to her hotel room and stayed there for about 2 hours, chatting. There were so many things to talk about. Mr H, as usual would just sit there quietly and let me enjoy the company of my cousin. This situation is translated as, "Honey, don't expect me to be involved in your πŸ’…πŸ‘―girly talkπŸ’žπŸ™† with your cousin," Hahaha. And I sure had fun, talking to my cousin just like old times.

It was slightly after midnight when we left the hotel. We took the lift and walked towards the parking. It was at that point of time when I suddenly remember that we have to pay for the parking. I asked Mr H for the ticket and he handed me so. However, to my horror, I also just remember another thing. We were both out of cash!!! Not even a single cent. We were supposed to withdraw some money from the ATM just now. I guess the excitement of seeing my cousin made us forget to do that. Oh my God! I started to look in my bag hoping that maybe I had some cash or maybe some coins that were stashed away and I had forgotten about it. None! Nada! Zilch!

I started to panic. Mr H suggested that we should go to the management office and ask for help. We met a guard there. Local. We told him our problem and he told us to go and withdraw the money from the nearest ATM machine, which is located in the shopping complex. Although I knew that ATM machines are all shut down at midnight, I just followed his instruction since he had already started to walk and guide us to the ATM machine. We both followed him. When we arrived at the ATM machine, sure enough, the message 'OUT OF ORDER" was displayed on the screen. The guard shrugged and just said, "Oh, it cannot be used."

Then we walked back to the paying machine. I turned my bag upside down. Hoping to hear the sounds of coins rolling down from the bag. The guard just looked at us. At one time he laughed and said, "Look, it's just RM 1." Yes, I know that. But both of us had forgotten to withdraw some money and now we are in deep trouble. And the fact that you could laugh about it means that you could also borrow us the money. No?

I whispered to Mr H, why don't we borrow the RM 1 from him and promise to pay him double later, or maybe even more. We are not broke. We just happened to not having any money with us that night. Mr H declined. Mostly because he was hurt that this human being just stood there laughing at us without even offering to help or suggested other practical way to settle our problem. 

I mean, what would you do if you are in such situation. If I am the guard, and I do not have the RM 1, I would certainly go all the way and find my friends who were also on duty and ask them to help. Like he had correctly pointed out, "It's just RM 1."

I was... pensive, in grief. To make the matter worst, my phone was out of battery and Mr H did not store my cousin's phone number in his phone. OH MY GOD! So we decided to walk back to my cousin's hotel. We begged the receptionist to use the phone to call my cousin's room. Luckily I still remember the room number. Thanks to law school training!

The receptionist in charge did not trust us at first. Why should he, we were both drained in sweat and I looked like a zombie who had just cried my heart out. He took the phone and did the calling instead of letting us use the phone to dial ourselves. But that's fine. At least he gave us that chance. I was so relieved when my cousin picked up the phone. Mr H went up alone to her room to borrow some money so we could pay the "It's just RM 1."

We went back to the parking and paid our dues. Along the way going home, both of us were quiet. I managed to ask Mr H, on the bike itself because that kind of question just could not wait for us to reach home. "Why didn't you ask for that RM 1 from the guard just now?" Mr H replied, " I did not want to beg for the money. If he wanted to help, he would have. I know you are sad, but remember, do not beg. If people want to help, they will." That's all he answered.

I am still stricken by this incident. It had taught me that there is a price, set for humanity. Sadly, it is not free. I cannot say how much. But the price is definitely not cheap as "It's just RM 1."♡

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