Mommy, Who is Allah - Al-Khaliq (the Creator) by Zainab Jones

This is another book for children reading published by Djarabi Kitabs Publishing. The title of this book is exactly as what had been portrayed in the book. The author of this book is Zainab Jones and the illustrations are done by Vicky Amrullah. Read here for an interview with the author. Learn a thing or two about the business of writing books for children!

A little boy named Abdulrahman asked his mother a question which I think would be arduous even for me to answer. The question is "Mommy, who is Allah?" and seriously, there is no definite answer to that. We can all agree though, that he is Al-Khaliq (the Creator). 

"Allah is the One true God," she said softly.
"He is the Creator. He is al-Khaliq. He created you and me. He created everything."

The author should receive a pat on her back for being able to allegorize the subject in question with such beautiful details. This book is highly recommended for children who are trying to figure out the same question as the boy and the bonus is, this book can also serve as a guidance for the parents too. Let the book do the talking.😉

The illustrations in this book are of course fascinating, children are easily attracted to colourful pages. I feel that the effort taken by the publisher to publish books in such genre should be applaud too as it can be taxing on Muslim parents who want to find suitable reading for their children.

You can get a copy of Mommy, Who is Allah (paperback version) at Amazon. Click the link below.

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