MY ICSA odyssey

I used to hate Company Law. Literally hate it. It is so difficult to understand this subject when I was an undergraduate. Particularly because everything that is taught by the lecturer happens in a company. I had never worked before, so how do I digest the essence of Company Law, let alone to visualize the operational system in a company! 

I guess I am a person who learns through observations. I can understand contract and torts well maybe because these two aspects of law are prosaic. You know, like there are three elements of negligence and proposal and invitation to treat are not the same. So just for the record, I hate Jurisprudence too. 😁I do not know how Mr H can be a master of that subject. Seriously, it is sooooo boring!

I was instructed to teach Company Law to Diploma students when I was transferred to Kedah branch. This new Coordinator of mine obviously had no idea of my relationship with Company Law, hahaha. As always, whenever I pour my heart out to Mr H, he would say, "Why don't you take it as a challenge?" Urghhhhhh! So I did. 

Every time before I went to class, I took 3 days to study for my next lecture. Imagine the slides, textbooks and notes all around me. Do not ask me where is the Companies Act. Under all these bundles of papers, how would I know?😜

Company Law turned my life into haywire for quite some time. It was strange though, I came to accept my destiny with Company Law, but still did not love it. But not hating it too. The relationship was...ok, so-so, in the middle. 

Then I moved to a new branch in Seremban. I was not sure why but at that point of time, I myself chose to teach Corporate Law. I knew it was like committing suicide. I did it anyway. So hello stress, once again! 

This time it was much to a higher level. It was about the corporate world, where I had no experience at all working in. I did feel like a fool sometimes. Trying to teach something that I have no exposure with. I made some drawings to understand, about shares, about Directors etc. And you know what, I took these drawings to class and put it on the board. It seemed that the students also understand it better, hahaha. So all of us benefit from the drawings. That's how we learnt about Corporate Law. 😛

A new lecturer reported duty and she had this ICSA qualification with her. I was intrigued and started to interview her with all sorts of questions. I was amazed because even though I knew company secretaries exist, I did not know that they had to go through some courses for the qualification and the qualification is chartered. That means it is accepted world wide! I was very much interested and made the decision to try (read as: kill myself). 

So here I am now. I had passed three papers out of the six that I should be sitting for. So I have three more papers to take. It was hell. I am not going to lie. ICSA is all about practicality, not so much the theory. And yet, I feel that ICSA had taught me so much because now I understand the issues they tried to portray in the television programme Suits, hahaha. Now I know what they are talking about. Mergers, acquisitions, shares, preference, ordinary, whatever... Bring them on! Woohoooo!

Who would have thought, I, Nurnazida Nazri, knows how to calculate Tax! 😂

Again, I am not going to lie. I failed some of the papers too. But why worry? I had failed before, so just move forward and re-sit again. The last result I received was about a week ago, I got Merit for my Corporate Administration. I am so thankful because I failed a paper before that. But it's not a big deal. Will try again in the next examination. 

So if you ask me: 

Q: Whether you should take this ICSA course?

A: Yes! Of course. 

Q: Is it difficult? 

A: You bet! Definitely not a picnic.

A: Am I going to pass?

Q: With perseverance, nothing is impossible, 
in shaa Allah.

P/S: I received some comments from the readers asking whether they should still take this ICSA course as they are now practising lawyers. I am fully aware that practising lawyers can have their licences from the CCM to practice as a company secretary. I actually have a post written about that but it is still halfway done, so I will publish it here later. Sorry it took some time. But I had to get my facts right. 

But for now, I would say, education has no boundaries. A license is just a license, which can be revoked. It pains me that some are promoting to not taking up this course just because practising lawyers can easily apply for a licence. Remember guys, licences have its expiration terms. 

So why don't you go for the actual qualification, where nobody can take that away from you. I am certainly doing it for the knowledge!

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