Surprise! by Zaheera Jina

Surprise! is a book for children written by Zaheera Jina and published by Djarabi Kitabs Publishing. The author is using her real life experience as a mother to be in touch with the details in this book. There is an interview with the author that I plan to publish here in the next few days!

One night, two boys named Yusuf and Isa were told by their Oomi (mother) during dinner that she has a surprise for them. However, they had to finish their food before Oomi is ready to reveal the surprise.

After dinner, they helped Oomi in doing simple house chores, like carrying dirty plates to the kitchen basin and feeding the fish they kept as pet. It is also interesting to note that Oomi managed to turn a simple brushing teeth act into a fun activity together. There is even a song to sing while doing that.

The surprise finally came in later when Oomi opened the door to their bedroom. Boy, were they really surprised! But, it would be a spoiler if I write here about what the surprise is.😆 You must be excited to know about it too!

I love the illustrations in this book, they are so colourful. Like I had always mentioned before, children are easily attracted to colours. This would definitely make them more interested to read the book.

The story line is captivating. If this is the book chosen by parents to read to their children for bedtime, I am sure they would be anxious in wanting to hear the end. If you are interested to buy this book as part of your personal collection, you can click the banner below.👇

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Paperback version

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