Friends... with benefits?

No man is an island. All of us... have friends. Our friends are divided into separate categories. We have best friends, the friends that we send whatsapps just to say "Hi" once in a while and also the friends the we smile to from afar.

You will notice that you have different sets of friends to go for a drink, to pour your heart out and to go shopping with. In fact, you may have a very close friend during primary school and now you don't even know where this friend actually is.

A lot of us have our own bestfriends. How does a friend becomes a bestfriend? Friendship requires trust and loyalty. More often than not, these qualities are not adhered to and it destroys friendships to the core. And sometimes, it cannot be mended anymore.

A good friend is of course a friend who will be your friend no matter what the circumstances is. However, a good advice would be not to depend on friends in every situation. Things can change and these will surely affect the relationship. 

Whatever your situation is, always put yourself as the priority. If you are about to sacrifice for a friend, make sure the sacrifice will be worth it.

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