How do you handle negative criticism?

Ok, why do you think people critic you? I mean, negative ones. Constructive criticism is ok, because it gives you the chance to self-reflect. But a negative one? Well, not so much. And I think you have live long enough on this earth to distinguish comments that motivate you to do better and the ones that deserve to be thrown into the dustbin behind your house. 

Let's talk about the negative ones in this post!

Why the negative criticism? There must be a reason. The critics don't just suddenly appear. It means you are worth to critic at. You are worth their time. Usually, it is because you are better than them, the one who passed the overly critical judgment. Let's face it, who would go all the way just to critic someone lower than them. There's no competition in cases like that. 

Is it wise for you to retaliate? No, it is not. Do not respond to anything negative. Our maths teacher taught us, a negative number times with a positive number will eventually become positive. So, trying to stay positive is the best you can offer in this kind of situation.

So you just sit there and pretend that nothing happened? No. You're angry of course! Who can still flash a smile when someone said something bad about you? Right to your face! 

But then, try to channel this anger to something else. Into something positive. It is time to check the to-do-list that you had prepared maybe a week ago? Settle them now! You can use your anger to do something that benefits you. I had tried this technique few times. Usually, when I started to do something with anger, I will finish the project about 75% faster.

Allah is there and He knows the truth. You don't need to justify yourself to anybody. Actually, you should pity those who critic you because they tried their best to be successful like you but they just couldn't. So, pray that Allah will somehow give them a little bit of success so they  too can be proud of themselves and would have less time having negative thoughts about others.

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