Tales From the Treasure Chest by Ayesha Marfani

This is the second time I am reviewing the book of this author, Ayesha Marfani. I had reviewed her book before, Fairy Tales of Ordinary Children and had written my review on it. So for this post, I am going to review another book of hers, Tales From the Treasure Chest.

This is my review.

Tales From the Treasure Chest was written by an amazing sister, Ayesha Marfani who is also a story teller. The book was edited by Veronica Castle and illustrated by Maryam Ayub. Crimson Cloak Publishing had taken the liberty to publish the book.

There are three stories suitable for young adults in this book.
  • Exhortation Valley
  • Small Feet, Big Shoes
  • Being Human Is Being Everything
All these stories have their own life lessons attributed to the readers. Along the way, the readers will be captivated by the poems written by the author herself and the beautiful illustrations sketched by the illustrator. 

One of many beautiful illustrations in the book.

I am going to review only one of the stories written in this book and let you read and enjoy the excitement of the rest. So here goes.

The first story, Exhortation Valley is a about a twin, who is so different from each other, figures and traits respectively. They were both not happy because Sara, one of the twins, wanted more things in her life while Saira, longed for things that she did not have. 

The author had written a poem-like-chant, where Sara versed,

"Why can’t I soar like a bird so free
Why can’t I dive like a fish with glee
Why can’t I breathe underwater
Why can’t I jump from the tower
Why can’t I soar like the wind
Why can’t I change my color"

From an author (myself) to another author (Ayesha), this poem is just... beautiful! I am amaze at how you can rhyme all the words together, like putting jigsaw cuts perfectly together to its place. I truly enjoy reading all the poems written in this book. Wish I am also gifted like you.😄

Ok, back to the twins. They went through an adventure (it was actually a dream), and learned a lot of lessons together. Throughout the journey, they found out that being thankful with whatever you have, is the best. 

The author, undoubtedly, had written this story with a hidden message that as humans, we have uncontrollable nafs (wants) and that is something unhealthy. The morale of this story is to teach us that Allah gives us what we need and deserve, and for that, always be thankful with whatever you have. After all, who knows us better than our Creator.♡

If you are interested in buying this book, you can purchase it from Amazon by clicking the picture below.

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