Bikers Ride - The View Steamboat and BBQ Port Dickson

It was the V Day yesterday. Mr H brought me, on his bike of course, to Port Dickson. Actually it was not to celebrate V Day. Yeah, I know people are thinking ohh.. how romantic is your husband😝 

The real story? It was because he wanted to have a long ride to somewhere and he had been pestering me to follow him. So I eventually agreed.

He googled for a place to have dinner. At first, we were attracted to this one restaurant that served steamboat but the review was bad. Mr H later found The View Steamboat and BBQ PD with marvelous reviews and beautiful pictures. 

This was taken from The View Facebook page.

We decided to give it a try. Mr H rang to reserve a table for us but there was no answer. Maybe the number has been changed now. But we agreed to proceed with the plan to Port Dickson.

We pushed off from Shah Alam at around 6 p.m. Mr H was the happiest man on earth. You should see him grinning from ear to ear while the wind blew on his face. Hahaha. He looked just like a little kid who had gotten a toy for his birthday. Yup, this is his hobby now, riding on the bike!

We stopped by at this RnR but I couldn't remember the name. All the shops were already closed by the time we get there. It was 7.30 p.m.

The View is located at Mayang Sari Resort which is no longer in operation. So if you cannot find The View on your GPS, try searching for Mayang Sari Resort. I'll give you the exact GPS location here. 

The phone number for you to contact: 012-7787831

It was quite dark when we were getting near to the restaurant. Only dim lights were available and the road heading to the restaurant looks quite scary. In fact, I was asking Mr H to turn back. But Mr H, holding tight to the handle of his bike, continued to roar and continued the journey until the end of the road. 

Ah, that man has no fear at all!πŸ˜‚ Well, luckily he didn't because there it was, the restaurant, looking so stunning as had been pictured in their Facebook page above.

We arrived to this! How cute!

Coincidentally, they were having celebrations for Valentine's Day so that was why the settings were decorated as such. Pink balloons everywhere! I'm always at peace whenever I'm surrounded with pink stuffs. That's why my favourite hang out place is Daiso, hahaha!

So romantic!

Sorry I posted the same pictures twice but I just couldn't stop myself. I blame the pink balloons.

We were told later by the owner (he introduced himself to us) that they also take bookings for corporate functions, birthdays, anniversaries, farewells. You just name the occasion to them! The decorations will follow suit. 

Romantic songs playing in the air.

The entrance to The View.

This is the price list but because it was the V Day, the price was RM 40 per head. Still reasonable I think.

Mr H went into the restaurant to ask whether there's a table available for us and I noticed a photo booth. The owner encouraged us to take pictures so we just pretend that we were both teenagers and say cheese!πŸ˜‰

Our first photo booth session together. Mr and Mrs. Not Smith I hope.😐

The view from our table.

We settled ourselves at the given table and started to look for food. Our table was placed a bit far from the others. Don't worry, it's our choice. Not for the romantic mood. We just didn't want people to think that they saw two aliens eating so much that they wanted to report us to the FBI, hahaha.

Ok, let's check the view inside.

Seafood platter.

Veges. We kept going back to take the spinach and baby corn which by the way, taste better when grilled.

Dim sum, fruits, spaghetti, cupcakes and drinks.

Beef and chicken, well marinated. There are three choices, marinated with tumeric, with BBQ sauce and with black pepper. I think Mr H had eaten 3kgs of those on his own!😁

The fishball, chicken ball etc. We didn't take much of these. We were on No Processed Food diet.😝

Ice cream cones. Next to it is the ice cream. Four flavours altogether.

Replica of a superbike. I know Mr H dreams of having this bike. Well Mr H, let it stays in your dreams then.😜

Mr H's thumb is not part of the food.πŸ˜„

See, told you we were on diet. Veges only, hahaha.

The red paste you see there is the chilli paste for the dip. The green paste next to is really to die for. A mixture of spicy and sour taste. Just as Tom Yam. Man, who created this paste must be someone brilliant! It tastes so good when you dip grilled chicken and beef into it. Ok, I'm wiping my keyboard now because I'm salivating.πŸ˜‹

Soup and grilled.

As other steamboat restaurants, you are given two options for the soup, Tom Yam or Chicken Soup. And we chose Tom Yam of course. 

The owner told us that if you come early, you can actually watch the sunset. It was already dark when we arrived so not much we could see. Mr H and I made a mental note to come to this place again to watch the sunset. The decorations however, had already made us happy and of course, when you are happy, you tend to eat more. Acceptable excuse guys?

Happy tummy! Ok, I'm hitting the gym tomorrow.😜

I applaud the effort took by the owner to decorate this place and make it look so nice and yeah, hipster... as the youngsters like to call it nowadays. Cleanliness was superb as we had observed that night. Varieties of food and the food were delicious too. Especially the marinated beef. Mr H, in his own words testified that this is the best steamboat he had ever tasted!

We are coming back again.

Oh ya, don't be afraid of the Halal status, because all the ingredients have Halal certification including the ones delivered by the suppliers.

Mr H went back in just to take this picture. Say Thank You guys. You think it's easy to drag his tummy filled with grilled beef back in?😘

As we had learnt from the owner, this place was opened August last year (2017) so maybe that's why it did not receive the attention that it was supposed to get yet. So come on guys! Let's make this place famous, shall we? It should be famous anyway. For all the right reasons!

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