Bitter Sweet by Sahara Javaid

Bitter Sweet by Sahara Javaid is a collection of beautiful poems written by the author. It is published by TotalRecall Publications, Inc and printed in the United States with simultaneous printings in Canada and United Kingdom.

As had been stated above, this book consists of many poems that fall under various themes. She talks about life, about happiness, about challenges and about hope. The author sure has a way in writing out her feelings and express her emotions.

My personal favourite is Mirror for eyes because this poem talks about different perspectives in life. Well, if you choose to see the positives in every single thing that happens in life, then only good vibes will follow. It certainly works like a magnet.

If you are interested in reading the whole collection of poems written by the author, you can buy it from Amazon. It is priced at USD 12.69 per copy.

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