Gastric alert!

I was not well recently. Actually, I was fasting that day and somehow around 3 a.m. I woke up with the sudden urge of going to the toilet. Little did I know, it was the start of a string of toilet visits that prolong until the next day. 

During midnight the following day, I begged Mr H to bring me to the clinic because it was so painful already. I could not eat anything. Mr H served me tea and honey but still I would purged like crazy. Nothing I ate stayed long. My stomach was empty and I was so weak. Plus, there's like a construction project going on in there. 

We went to the clinic and the doctor examined me. As standard procedure, he told me to lie down and knocked my abdomen by using his knuckles. "It's empty" he referred to my stomach. I told him that I was purging all day long so even though I ate quite frequently, I would definitely let them out sometime later. 

Wish my toilet looks like this. Love.

So the doctor's prognosis? "At this moment, I think you have GASTRIC. Please do not skip your meal, eat frequently and do not go hungry." 

Hmmm... I could see Mr H biting his lips hard to stop himself from saying anything that would create a negative atmosphere. And I think I know what he wanted to say hahaha.😁

Sure enough. As soon as we came out from the doctor's room he looked at me with an evil look (I swear it was evil!)😈 and blurted out, "WHEN DID YOU EVER GO HUNGRY??!!" 


Well, in my defence Mr H, I did not say anything. It was the doctor's idea. He was the one with a Medical Degree. And shouldn't we respect him because that Medical Degree of his did not come easy ok. It was 7 years of hard work. So we should listen to him.

So guys, adding to more items in the list of my "First Time in Life' is me getting gastric at this age. Geee... I thought you finish all your Firsts once you reached thirty, no?

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