Me... A Martyr? Are you sure?

We had students coming over to our house recently. After all of them had left, except for a few who stayed that night, we had a casual chat. Mr H, me, W and A. Mr H was asking A about a Master's course offered by A's faculty, a collaboration between UiTM and MAICSA. 

He told A that he's interested to apply for that course. "Let me tell you guys. If Madam here (while hugging my shoulders tightly) dies, she will definitely go to heaven." I gave him the death stare and sent him a telepathic message, 'What are you saying? You want me dead???'

And he continued, "Madam is still studying for her ICSA. So that means she is still in jihad. If she dies, she will go straight to heaven as a syahid (martyr)."

Oh, that's what you are trying to say. Ok, I understand. But Mr H, do you have to remind me of my ICSA result? Erghhhh... ♡

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