Muslim Girl, Growing Up by Natalia Nabil

I was tasked by a sister in the Muslimah Blogger Group to review this book entitled, Muslim Girl, Growing Up - A Guide to Puberty written by Natalia Nabil and illustrations by a talented Melani Putri. The book is published by Prolance that is based in California, US. Let's check what is exciting about this book!

As had been stated in the title, this book is dedicated to young Muslim girls out there to guide them through puberty. Therefore, this book is suitable for girls from the age of 9 to 16. Besides the Introduction, there are 6 chapters covered in this short but precise book. Among the chapters are What is Puberty?, Hygiene and Your Privacy.

The author had her own daughters in mind when this book was written so that's why readers who have daughters with age nearing puberty will feel close to the author. It's like going through the experience yourself. 

The advantage of reading this book is that, it didn't only discuss about the psychological changes of a girl, but the author had also written the topic with Islamic perspectives.

Teaching the girls about the importance of cleanliness

There's a special sub-chapter on washing the full body after your menses is over. It's quite detailed and easy to understand for young girls. The author also had also listed the things that you can and cannot do during the time of your menses. With all the eye-catching and colourful illustrations, even I enjoyed reading all the explanations (Yeah, even at this age).😊
Cute, right?

I would recommend this book for young girls, Muslim or not (because the psychological changes are also written this book) to have this book as their best friends during adolescence. It is also a good book to pick up as a gift from parents to their little girls.

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