The Tea Lady

Mr H and I were watching the movie Taken which featured Liam Neeson. It was a thriller and I could feel my heart rate going up and the beating was so fast! I admire the hero's bravery and his quick thinking whenever he was in danger.

This movie is about an ex CIA Officer who went to save his daughter that had been kidnapped. Well, everyone who crossed path with him died. He's a master in dealing with crisis. 

I told Mr H, "Wow! He's a brilliant man with so many moves. Working with CIA sure had given him all the needed experiences to deal with bad people. I wish I can work with CIA too but yeah... I'm not that brilliant."

Hoping for comforting words here guys from my better half...

Mr H, "Of course you can. Just make sure you apply for the position as a tea lady. Sure you'll be accepted!"

Hmmm... Mr H, grrrrr!

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