Yes! I'm afraid of ghosts

I don't care what people think of me whenever I tell them I'm afraid of ghosts. They will usually go "Ah, so big already and yet still afraid of ghosts." Followed by a long hysterical laugh, that usually resembles a ghost itself.👻 Don't. Care. 

I'm not sure how it all started but I'm really, really terrified of those unseen thingies. There had not been one scary movie that Mr H successfully made me watch. You know the movie 'World War Z'? Mr H kept on saying that this movie is a bomb and I should really watch it. I was intrigued too because he went on and on talking about the movie non-stop. About how this movie had his eyes glued to his laptop screen and did not even take toilet breaks while watching it. 

I weighed the pros and cons before watching this movie. Well, on one hand, this movie has Brad Pitt playing the main character, my all time sweetheart (Sorry Mr H), but on the other hand, the story is about a town full of zombies. Gagaga.😕

Picture from Google.

So what did I decide? I ended up watching 'World War Z' but I turned off the audio sound and I made sure Mr H was close to me all the time. Like 2 inches close. When he wanted to go to the toilet, I paused the movie and waited patiently to resume, hahaha. I'm that pathetic, I know. 

After the movie ended, I looked at Mr H and said, "Hmmm, not that scary" with a yawn coupled with a boring look. Mr H rolled his eyes twice! Hahaha. Of course it was not scary, all I could see was the zombie shrieking because his mouth was wide open but I did not hear any sound, so well... NOT SCARY.😉

My father started to make me sleep alone when I was in Standard 3 and secretly I was mad at him for doing that. My two brothers get to sleep together (oh, how lucky they were) and my sister gets to sleep with my aunty because she was still a toddler. I was allowed to have the night lamp on. But that was all.

Every night, after he had shut the door to my room, I would lay still covered with blanket up to my nose and pillows bundled all around me. I don't think I could breathe properly back then but hey, it's better than having a vampire sucking the blood out of my neck!😖

Sometimes I would bribe my little sister to sleep with me. I'd buy her sweets or crackers and enticed her into going to bed together. But the next morning, my mom would confront me, "Did you buy your sister off with cookies? Because I went to your room last night and saw you sleeping but Sya was munching 2 packets of Oreos." Emmm... guilty as charged mom!

I had never encountered those scary things precisely. Once, when I was staying with my aunty, I think I heard mystery noises coming from the window twice. The sound of a woman sobbing, but I turned a deaf ear and pretended to sleep. It was just a brief moment. Nothing factual actually. So I'm not sure why I feel so much threatened with their presence when I had not seen any virtually. 

I blame it on the TV, movies and social medias though. They painted the picture to be so ugly that I couldn't even think about what would I do if I'm ever in a situation facing them. Arghhhhh......

Once I had to attend a course dedicated to all new lecturers. Now this place is known to be scary and haunted. I guess all lecturers from the same university as mine are familiar with this eerie place... say Aiiiiiii 😁

Mr H had been here before and he told me he was 'teased' by the unseen things living there. Emmm... what a story to coax me into being brave going there Mr H. So I made him followed me to that place. I would NEVER EVER go there alone. Moreover, we had to sleep over for seven days. Seven. Freaking. Days... in the jungle!!! NO!!!! 

I immediately made reservations for a room where Mr H could stay with me. On top of that, I made an agreement with him. A formal one. The one where you sign with your own blood. Or else, I refused to go.🙇 One of the terms read "Mr H was only allowed to sleep during the day, where I would be busy attending the course and at night, he had to be my Guardian Angel."

He did his job magnificently, I think he deserves a medal! Well, he did say that the things 'teased' him few times. Luckily I was too tired with my courses that I dozed off early every night without even the slightest hint of what was going on after I felt asleep. Poor Mr H... But he is brave, very brave!😍

Because I'm so afraid of ghosts, I would make sure that I don't engage in conversations that concern them. I would excuse myself every time that particular subject is brought up by someone, hihihi.

Mr H once told me, "You are not to be afraid of them. If you show them that you are afraid, of course they are going to come after you." Hmmm, thank you for the advice but I rather not take the chance. What if they still appear in front of me even though I (pretend) am brave?

Ok, I'm taking this laptop and sit by the window now where the guard can see me and hear me scream if anything happens. Mr H is still at work and it's getting dark because it's raining. I think I heard a loud thump... Oh, it's coming from my heart.😅Be brave, be brave girl...

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