Getting Counselling for Depression

As a survivor of depression, I understand completely how difficult it is to come forward and be clean about your mental health. Our society is still pretty much ignorant when it comes to discussing about depression. In fact, in where I live, this topic is still considered as a taboo.

Sometimes, the fear of social stigma had led people with depression to just keep quiet and do nothing about it. What they do not know is that, depression is really dangerous and as someone who had been there, I think the state of being depressed is the same as swimming in the ocean circled by a group of sharks! Yeah… that severe!

Because of these reasons, I am happy to learn that telehealth and telemedicine are really growing and are accepted as part of the society. If you need help without having to crawl out of your shell, telehealth is the perfect solution for you. There are many options available for telehealth and online counselling is one of them.

At one point in life, you must have feel, “Ah, screw you depression! I am going to be in charge of my own life now!” Well, you really should. Congratulate yourself for having that thought. That means you are progressing to have a better life.

Telehealth is defined by the Wikipedia as “the distribution of health-related services and information via electronic information and telecommunication technologies. It allows long distance patient/clinician contact and care, advice, reminders, education, intervention, monitoring and remote admissions”. As it focuses on long distance care, you are able to choose the slot at your own convenience from your own bedroom. The only place where we can find comfort…well at least for me.

I had tried online counselling once. That was at a time where I felt that the earth was going to swallow me and if I did not do something about it fast enough, I would eventually become a part of history. I did not want to burden anyone around me and yeah… I actually had trust issues too. I couldn’t trust anyone. So I had to find someone who is alien to me for counselling.

During that time, Yahoo Messenger was popular so I had discussions with my counselor through that. The counselors originally offered her services through many channels and I chose the one which suited me best. I am not comfortable with video calls or even voice calls for that matter. Both of these to me are like confronting, and I prefer not to face the other side.

Well, you know what they say right, and you know that you do not want to be in this state forever. So guys, if there is a will, there will also be a way!♡

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