Seeking Therapy for Depression

I am actually a very reserved person. Meaning… I seldom discuss about my feelings openly. The only one that I trust to pour my heart out is Mr H, the main reason is because, he forgets easily. Hahaha.😝😝

I remember once at a seminar, we were asked to introduce ourselves and to state one word to describe us. My choice of word was “RETICENT”.

Thus, it was not a surprise that I fell easily to the trap of depression. When you have no one to turn to for support, no one to talk to about what you are going through, you tend to curl in the corner of your bedroom and hope that the earth somehow will swallow you and all your problems would be magically solved.

I had written extensively in this blog about my experience with depression and how I fought it with all the might that I have. You can have a read here and here. Trust me, I wouldn’t want to go there again. 

But newsflash! Depression usually wouldn’t go away totally. Every now and then you will still have that feeling… the ugly feeling that will succumb you to it.

Fighting depression is not a joke. I know some people think that we created these stories just to feel sorry for ourselves. Trust me. That was not our intention. I have a zillion of things to do, I seriously don’t have time to mop around doing nothing except feeling sorry about myself. But at times, I just couldn’t ignore the horror calls of depression.

I had improved a lot from the moment I was diagnosed with depression 10 years ago and I am so proud of it. It is a good thing that I realized back then, I did not want to be in that state forever because it had started to consume me, albeit slowly. I needed to get better. So I seek help. I went to see a therapist at the hospital.

I remember crying like a baby the first moment I had an appointment with the therapist. She calmly pat my shoulder and said, “It’s ok, just cry. It can reduce the negativity in your soul.” She was right. I felt better after crying and also after talking to her.

Truth is, I did not reveal much information to her at that time. Like I said earlier, I am a very reserved person, and thus, I prefer not to discuss about my feelings openly. The therapist, as a professional, could feel this too but she helped me to organize my thoughts. After each session, I would feel alive again. Well… a McDonald Value Meal set did help too.πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚

Anyway, what I want to highlight here is that, if you think that you have issues with your thoughts, just find professional help. I understand that sometimes it is better to talk to a stranger rather than someone close to you. A professional therapist, for example, would know how to react and how to offer help and guide you to leave the shell of depression. If you want to get better, YOU.NEED.TO.FIND.HELP.

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