What makes you think you are better?

Being a Muslim should always make us feel grateful that we were already born in Islam. It shouldn’t, in any way, make us feel superior as compared to to those who have to go through tests and hurdles to find this compassionate religion. But now, being born as a Muslim and having an Islamic name as identification suddenly gives you a one-way ticket straight to heaven. 

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And here I thought the two angels Munkar and Nakir will be questioning us in the grave after Angel of Death had drawn our last breath to determine the balance of our good deeds against our sins and apparently this is not important now, as long as you are Muslim. The first question from the angels, as all Muslims had learnt from their ustaz is about our prayers. This evidently shows that being a Muslim alone will not guarantee our place in akhirah.

Then why do we need to look down on others who were not blessed like us? I seriously am having problem with Muslims who think that they already have a place in paradise that it is ok for them to be arrogant and contemptuous towards the non-Muslims. I believe that Islam is not a religion of hate. The Prophet is a tolerant and loving man that he had never put down nor avenge others. This is the teaching that we should follow. In fact, because of the kindness he showed, many became Muslims and declared syahadah in front of him. This is the way to model.

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I am touched by one ustaz’s answer when he was asked in a sermon. “What should we do if someone mocks the Prophet in front of us?” Ustaz looked at him and replied with another question, “What do you think the Prophet would have done if he was mocked? I believe you already know because you are aware of the story of the Prophet when he went to Thaif.” 

The man who questioned stared at the floor. The ustaz continued, “My brother, someone who is considered as strong and tough is not the one who can show it through his fist. But rather someone who can control his anger.” There you go. 

When I studied in Melbourne, of course, I had received some racist remarks here and there but I had never challenged any of them. Even in class, this proved to be arduous for me because I was there after the 9/11 saga. The ongoing war in Palestine, the Taliban and IS issues were sometimes discussed in class. Being the only Muslim, and also the only one covering my head, wow did I stand out in class at that time, hahaha. And yet, I know it was pointless to argue with them. Let them be. I just pray to Allah that they will understand Islam better in the future.

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I cringed whenever I see a Muslim calling someone a p*g, just because he is not from the same religion with the caller. Oh my, should this be the example that we Muslims lead? Looking back at the ustaz answer, if the Prophet is still alive, would he done the same too? I know he wouldn’t. Yup, I know sometimes you want to portray how wrong the non-Muslims are in doing something. 

But let me tell you there are also Muslims who are doing the same felonious things. Are you telling me that none of the Muslims had committed crime before? The same… likewise.

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Another thing is, I am frustrated that this kind of people really want to lecture me on this thought and refuse to stop even though I had said many, many times, I hate racism. They still want to bring me into their imaginary paradise. If you feel that you are entitled to your thought, so be it. I respect it as much as I think my thought should be respected too. And I refuse to throw around the word P*G to anyone as long as I am still a Muslim.

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