My rainy days

Money is a dreaded subject which we like to avoid at all costs. Personally for me, I think that I am earning quite a handsome pay but my spending is also the same level with my income. I am blessed with a responsible husband who stands up as a man and provides me with all the basic needs. Thank you and love you Mr H. He even gives me pocket money every month on top of the expenses for food. Wonder now why I keep on putting weight year after year? Hahaha.

So, last year I was triggered when I noticed that Mr H has only 6 years to work until he retires. To be frank, both of us have quite a number of liabilities every month. Oh my God!!! I don’t know why I had a sudden thought on this. Maybe it was a hint from Allah. But one thing for sure, even though Mr H would be receiving his monthly pension after retirement, the amount would be much, much lesser than what he is earning now. I started to worry.

And then the pandemic happened. It started in March 2020 but the effect carried on until the day I am writing this post. A lot of people had to accept pay cut and many were also retrenched. Many big companies could not survive and had to resort to liquidation. With this, the domino effect is reaching everyone.

Though Mr H and me were not affected like above, we should not always be complacent. Research shows that this pandemic would take years to recover. The economy was hit badly. I started to think of rainy days. Ok, ok I know I should have think about this years ago. I could not turn back time, I can only try to path a new way for the future. So here I am, calculating every penny that comes in and comes out from our account.

Mr H agreed with my planning after I showed him the financial plan I have for both of us. He had long appointed me as the Minister of Finance for our small family hahaha. It is easier for me to plan because I have access to all his personal finances.

I also have to admit that I was inspired by my siblings. They taught me a lot especially my youngest brother and my sister. They introduced me to fintech and the noob I am, I keep annoying them asking questions every single time, hahaha. Anyway, they know that I am always left behind when it comes to calculation. Few things that I had started were to start investing in Raiz, Hello Gold and Wahed. I will try to write about these later in another post for references. I would include my referral code for you to join. Then I can get some percentage for introducing you, hahaha.

Another step is to quickly settle your debt even though the deadline is still further away. I am proud to say that through careful planning, I had closed 2 account of debts during this MCO and was left with only one now. Will try hard to close this one, single account in 2 years. Well, the amount is quite a lot so I think 2 years time given would be an achievable goal. Hopefully! Please do pray for me.

What I noticed after I had written down all my incomes and expenses, or what we call as budgeting, it did not slow down my lifestyle at all. It is not like I have to live frugally and only eat rice and salt. I still live comfortably and once a while indulge in buying things that I dream of. Hehehe, this is what we call as self-reward. Through the personal finance books that I had read, you need to reward yourself from time to time to avoid you from returning to the old lifestyle. Do not allow yourself to return to the point of nowhere. You are allowed to enjoy, you just have to allocate the amount for this.

I learned a lot through reading. Yup! You got that right. Suddenly I am filling my Ipad with all personal finance books, hahaha. I know, I know, I look different to you now right? But you see, I agree with the personal finance gurus, all this money you are paying for debt, can be converted to wealth once you no longer have debt to pay. I regret involving myself with all these debts but then yeah… there is no use crying over spilled milk. If only I could turn back time… That is why, my advice to all the youngsters… avoid loan! Never ever be blinded with the thousands of ringgits that they offer. You can actually have this amount of money after some time of savings. It just take a longer time… but it’s gonna be worth it.

So guys! Let’s do this for 2021. Increase our savings! This would be my goal for 2021. We can’t be sure of what is going to happen in the future. The best we can do is keep on savings, have some money set aside for rainy days… because it could rain cats and dogs in the twinkling of an eye…



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